Friday, August 24, 2007

RTE and the Labour Party leadership

Listening to David McCullough last night on RTE 1 TV he argued that FG had reason to be grateful to Pat Rabbitte. The implication being that the FG seat gains resulted from the Mullingar Accord.

As I have already argued the seat gains were a bounce back from the freak FG result in 2002. FG reorganised in the wake of the 2002 disaster. Enda Kenny played a major role in this.
FG did exceptionally well in the Local Elections of 2004 and won most seats in the Euro elections. This was prior to the Mullingar Accord.

Tom McGurk once more focussed on the Mullingar Accord. His argument was that it ruled out the possibility of coalition with FF. Tom's emphasis is wrong.
Eoin O Murchu continuously argues for a Left Wing Alliance of Labour and Sinn Fein and the Socialist Party. Such an alliance is a non starter. The days of extreme left politics -throughout Europe- are dead and gone. Get used to it Eoin. They bring nothing but high taxation and economic stagnation.
Mary Ellen Symon argues from an Extreme Right Wing perspective. Again not satisfactory. She made one valid point in relation to Irish taxation. She referred to the high levels of indirect taxation and the problems posed for businesses.
Tommy Broughan appeared on Morning Ireland. Sounded like a man who wished to contest the leadership.

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