Saturday, August 4, 2007

US-I Will Invade Pakistan Says Obama

Barack Obama may have scored a spectacular own goal. He who criticised Bush for going into Iraq with an international coalition will now invade Pakistan unilaterally. The consequences are obvious:
  • The US might capture Zawahiri but it would lose Musharraf who is an ally in the fight against terrorism.
  • Nuclear weapons stored in Pakistan could fall into terrorist hands.
  • An extreme Islamist government would fan the flames of terrorism as even moderate Pakistani people recoiled in horror at an US invasion.

Obama also needs to realise that the US army is already overstretched in terms of manpower.

More military adventures will cripple the US tax payer and destroy the US economy.

Obama has shot himself in the foot.

Hillary Clinton has flip flopped so often on the war in Iraq that she lacks credibility.

The Democrats are in a mess on foreign affairs issues.

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