Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rome's head exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth explains why Satan hates Mary so much

Father Gabriele Amorth, exorcist of the Diocese of Rome for the past 21 years, priest of the Society of Saint Paul, and specialist in the figure of Mary, assures us that the devil is terrified of the Mother of Jesus Christ because she crushes his head. "On one occasion an exorcist friend of mine asked the devil what most hurts him about Our Lady, what most annoys him. He responded, 'That she is the purest of all creatures and that I am the filthiest; that she is the most obedient of all creatures and that I am the most rebellious; that she is the one who committed no sin and thus always conquers me.'"

Father Amorth affirmed that on some occasions God forces the prince of lies to tell the truth, however, the devil's main struggle is to make man fall into sin. "To lead man towards evil is to make him fall into sin; this is the devil's preferred activity and we are all subject to it from our birth until our death." According to Father Amorth, Mary is a key figure in the fight against evil, weakness and sin. She herself was tempted: "Mariology is my field and I have often been asked if Mary was tempted by the devil. Definitely. When? From her birth until her death. But she always triumphed. (Source:H20NEWS )

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Video: Northern Lights Over Norway Illuminated by Solar Storm on January 22, 2012

The Sun's far reaching effects on Earth's upper atmosphere were put on display on January 22, 2012 and captured by Helge Mortensen of Norway. A January 19th solar flare and ensuing Earth-directed coronal mass ejection is behind this aurora borealis. - Original Music by Mark C. Petersen, Loch Ness Productions
[The beauty of God's creation]

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lila Rose of Live Action in Moving Address at Students For Life of America Conference 2012

In an enthralling address to the Students For Life of America Conference 2012 Lila Rose describes how she came to be involved in the pro life movement. She also outlines the modus operandi of Live Action. She has been hugely influenced by Mother Teresa of Calcutta and displays a great love for God.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Film Videos: Gospa The Miracle of Medjugorje (Martin Sheen and Morgan Fairchild)

"The Miracle of Medjugorje" is a new HD movie that focuses on the most prevalent but yet often overlooked miracle. That miracle is the miracles of millions upon millions of people returning to God as a result of the Blessed Mother calling all living souls to return to God.

What is causing so many people to put God in the first place in their lives? Are you ready for Jesus? Is Medjugorje connected to Our Lady of Fatima?

See the first few days of this story told in detail. Hear about the miracle of the word MIR (Peace) appearing in the sky.

See Mirjana's yearly apparition on March 18th 2010 and commentary on what she sees and feels.

Listen to all six visionaries talk. Hear the visionaries talk about the first miraculous medical cure a blind man, and Ivanka embracing her deceased mother.

See for yourself the miracle of gold rosaries, the miracle of weeping bronze statue and see actual footage of the miracle of the sun and hear true testimony to phenomenon.

But most important of all see the biggest miracle of all, thousands of people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for more than 29 years , praying day and night, confessing and converting their life's back to God.

Hear about Mary's role in helping bring you to Her Son Jesus. She tells us about opening our hearts to Jesus, praying from the heart, and the power of prayer and fasting.

Let s focus on what the Blessed Mother is telling us to do through her messages from heaven.

"Pray Pray Pray!" (youtube)

 Full Film  [Martin Sheen (Actor), Michael York (Actor), Jakov Sedlar (Director) | Format: DVD ] can be purchased  at Amazon

Video: Jane Roe (of Roe V Wade) Pro life Commercial-An Analysis

End the Abortion Holocaust

Today  January 23rd marks the 39th anniversary of the infamous Roe V Wade ruling  on  abortion by the United  States Supreme Court. January 23rd  1973 was a day of infamy and shame for the US. Since this video was made in 2008  a further four million children have perished at the hands of abortionists in the US.  This brings the total abortion count to 54 million. Worldwide it is estimated that over one thousand million children have been aborted.
The Nazis slaughtered 6 million Jews during World War Two. Yet nine times as many unborn children in the US have been slaughtered in the ghastly abortion holocaust.   The abortion clinics are the new death chambers. Abortion is the biggest mass murder in the history of mankind.
It  is particularly sad to  see that the  once great  Democratic Party is now a pro -abortion front. It secures massive funding from pro- abortion agencies and busily promotes their agenda. President Obama is the most liberal pro- abortion president ever elected.
Many Democrats are nominally  Catholics-Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Kathleen Sibelius, John  Kerry to name but a few. Yet they openly support the provision of abortion.
Any  Catholic politician who  aids the provision of abortion in any way excommunicates himself/herself automatically under Canon Law.

Those Catholics who publicly announce their denial that abortion is always gravely immoral, or who publicly promote abortion, or who publicly argue in favor of legalized abortion, also commit a mortal sin and also incur a sentence of automatic excommunication.

This sentence of excommunication applies to Catholics who are politicians, as well as to those Catholics who are political commentators, or public speakers, or who write or otherwise publicly communicate their erroneous view that abortion can be morally-acceptable or that abortion should be legal. This sentence of excommunication also certainly applies to those Catholics who claim to be theologians or Biblical scholars, but who believe or teach that abortion is not always gravely immoral....

Those who provide such substantial assistance commit a mortal sin and incur a sentence of automatic excommunication (canon 1398). (Abortion and Excommunication)
Nancy Pelosi endeavours to use conscience as an excuse. Now of course an informed conscience is always a sine qua non in these matters. Pelosi's attempt to hide behind conscience is a despicable cop out.  in the  Huffington Post is busy drumming up support for the  pro -abortion cause. Yet according to  Wiki she is a Catholic.

To visualise the extent of the destruction of unborn life in the US it is necessary to imagine 54 million small white crosses each representing the slaughter of an unborn child. Truly we live in the Dark Ages. It is time to vote out  pro -abort politicians and repeal Roe V Wade.
 Interesting how pro- aborts refer to themselves as pro-choice. Pro- choice is a euphemism designed to camouflage the reality that abortion is murder.  The right to kill (abortion) cannot be equated  with the right to life. Pro-choice is sanitised language designed to mislead the gullible.
It is time to end the pretense. Pro-life supporters should never use the term pro-choice. It  only serves to dignify murder of the unborn. Let's call abortion what it is.  It is the deliberate killing of the innocent unborn child in the womb.
Here is an ultrasound .
Pro-aborts have no more excuses for killing the unborn. Medical science has now laid bare the truth. Life begins at conception. Period . Finally it is important to remember that infanticide was one of the reasons for the decline of the Romam Empire. Hopefully the politicians of today will learn the lessons of history.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Medjugorje Author Wayne Weible to visit Holy Trinity Church Dunkirk, New York

Come hear Wayne Weible, internationally acclaimed author and speaker on Medjugorje, at Holy Trinity Church this Thursday, Jan. 26. [Ceremonies begin with Mass celebrated by Fr. Raymond Donohue and Fr. Joseph Zalacca at 6:30 p.m. The author will speak immediately following Mass in the church]

He will also be at The Book Nook for a book signing on Wednesday, Jan. 25. [In the Dunkirk-Fredonia Plaza at 7 p.m.]
According to Weible, thousands have been transformed by what has happened in the small mountain village of Medjugorje, in the mountains of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Alleged apparitions of the Blessed Mother to six village children began more than 30 years ago and continue to this day. Weible says Our Lady's mission is one of peace and love; she has come to earth to re-educate all and to help convert and re-center lives back to God. He writes that Our Lady's role has always been one of guiding people to Her Son, Jesus and that it is important that both the magnitude and the urgency of Our Lady's call to conversion are understood, and that "we respond with all our hearts." (Continue reading HERE)

Pro Life Video: Jacquie Stalnaker Speaks About Her Abortion

Jacquie Stalnaker gives her testimony about the pain of her abortion and her journey to healing, as she speaks at a gathering of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign in Washington DC on January 22, 2010.
Jacquie Stalnaker's boyfriend drove her to an abortion clinic with a gun on the floor of the car. He told her their baby would die that day, or that both she and the baby would. When she came out of the clinic afterward, he was nowhere to be found and never seen again. She collapsed on the street, lost half the blood in her body, and subsequently survived recurring stage-four uterine cancer and the removal of a 25-pound tumor.

She had aborted the only child she would ever conceive, and she lived with her secret for decades. Continue reading HERE

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Newfoundland Video : Iceberg collapses into the sea in Twillingate

This video captures a spectacular view of a multi-storey iceberg breaking apart in Spillers Cove, Twillingate. Twillingate is also known as the Iceberg Capital of the World. This sleepy fishing village sees numerous of these frozen ancient giants drift down iceberg alley each year and visitors travel from afar to Newfoundland Canada to witness these awe-inspiring phenomena each year. This giant iceberg broke apart on Saturday 5 July 2008 at 3:45 pm in full view of a group of tourist specators who hiked out to the point to view the iceberg - one of the last of the season - and Mother Nature responded with this perfectly timed show. Much of the sound in the video comes from the release of trapped gas in the ice which is made up of age-old pure fresh water. More about the community where this took place at http://www.twillingate.com

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Video: Mark Wahlberg speaks about Faith And Prayer

Mark Wahlberg is an American actor, film and television producer, and former rapper. He ended up in jail at seventeen years of age. He is now a committed Catholic and visits the church  every day. He attends Mass regularly and credits a Catholic  priest with his transformation. He is married with four children.
(Video:Via Hell Burns)

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Rosary: Visit Come Pray the Rosary Website

Just discovered Come Pray the Rosary website. This allows Catholics worldwide to join together to say the Rosary or to pray the Rosary individually.It is lead by Father Dave Heney. He is pastor of St Paschal Babylon Catholic Church 155 E. Janss Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. It is a superb website which is really conducive to prayer.It greatly facilitates the recitation of the Rosary.It may be accessed HERE

Ireland: Olivia O'Leary's departure from the Catholic Church an error of judgement

Irish Central reports:
Irish journalist Olivia O’Leary, one of the best-known names in the media, has made a very public departure from the Catholic Church. She cited her disappointment in the fact that women cannot be ordained as priests, coupled with the disgrace that “the institutional cover-up of clerical child sex abuse was a ‘proximate factor...’”,
Olivia O'Leary has made a serious error of judgement. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ and is the only Church with the full body of truth. It is the only Church in which the Apostolic succession is found. Pope Benedict is the direct successor of St Peter. Jesus Christ did not select females as Apostles. Olivia O'Leary's decision to leave the Church -on the women priests issue- is a gross over reaction. Of course the shocking sex abuse scandals have disgusted the faithful. However these scandals do not alter the doctrinal orthodoxy of the Catholic Church. Hence her decision is tantamount to cutting off her nose to spite her face.It is illogical.

Newt Gingrich attacks anti Christian bigotry at ABC/WMUR debate in New Hampshire

"Since weve spent this much time on these issues, I just want to raise a point about the news media bias,” . “You don’t hear the opposite question asked.”

“Should the Catholic church be forced to close its adoption services in Massachusetts because it won’t accept gay couples, which is exactly what the state has done? Should the Catholic church be driven out of providing charitable services in the District of Columbia because it won’t give in to secular bigotry? Should the Catholic church find itself discriminated against by the Obama administration on key delivery of services because of the bias and the bigotry of the administration?” .
"The bigotry question goes both ways and there’s a lot more anti-Christian bigotry today than there is concerning the other side, and none of it gets covered by the news media,” .

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Video: Medjugorje Interview with Mirjana on September 21, 2011

On September 21, 2011 Mirjana spoke at her home in Medjugorje to a group of Argentinian pilgrims.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Video: Daughters of St. Paul the Media and Jesus

Introduction to the life and mission of the Daughters of St. Paul, religious sisters evangelizing the world with the media of communications. Today 2,400  Daughters of St. Paul serve the Church in over fifty countries