Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ireland: Olivia O'Leary's departure from the Catholic Church an error of judgement

Irish Central reports:
Irish journalist Olivia O’Leary, one of the best-known names in the media, has made a very public departure from the Catholic Church. She cited her disappointment in the fact that women cannot be ordained as priests, coupled with the disgrace that “the institutional cover-up of clerical child sex abuse was a ‘proximate factor...’”,
Olivia O'Leary has made a serious error of judgement. The Catholic Church was founded by Jesus Christ and is the only Church with the full body of truth. It is the only Church in which the Apostolic succession is found. Pope Benedict is the direct successor of St Peter. Jesus Christ did not select females as Apostles. Olivia O'Leary's decision to leave the Church -on the women priests issue- is a gross over reaction. Of course the shocking sex abuse scandals have disgusted the faithful. However these scandals do not alter the doctrinal orthodoxy of the Catholic Church. Hence her decision is tantamount to cutting off her nose to spite her face.It is illogical.

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