Monday, July 30, 2012

Why Pray the Rosary?

The following is a brief extract from an article on the Rosary by Immaculee Ilibagiza

Padre Pio use to call the Rosary, "Our weapon against the devil!" Others called it, “The rope that bends heaven toward earth.” The Rosary truly is a gift from God to mankind. Our Lady has often told us that when we pray the Rosary from our heart nothing is impossible and no prayer will be left unanswered. I heard that St. Dominic, who has long been credited with introducing the Rosary to the world centuries ago, was once performing an exorcism when demons he was casting out told him, "Now that we are forced to speak the truth, we are compelled to tell you this: Nobody who perseveres in saying the Rosary will be damned, because She (The Virgin Mary) obtains for her servants the grace of true contrition for their sins and by means of this, they obtain God’s forgiveness and mercy."
Immaculee Ilibagiza is a survivor of the Rwandan genocide. Amongst her books are(1) Left To Tell (2) Our Lady of Kibeho (3) The Boy Who Met Jesus.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Alison - In aid of The Capuchin Day Centre For Homeless People -Dublin, Ireland

‘Alison – Daughter of our Nation’ is a new song in aid of The Capuchin Day Centre For Homeless People-Dublin. It is performed by Maggies Farm featuring Heather MacLeod and The Sisters Of Fate.

The Capuchin Day Centre provides meals and day care facilities for people who are homeless or in need and food parcels for those on the poverty threshold. Alison is the story of a homeless girl living on the streets of the city. Cold, hungry and unwanted Alison is brushed aside like dust and in time will disappear, just another statistic. Maggies Farm, featuring Heather MacLeod and The Sisters Of Fate were honoured to be able to perform this song on behalf of The Capuchin Day Centre. It is hoped to raise both awareness and badly needed funds, to help the centre continue it’s outstanding work, not just feeding people but also giving them a chance to regain their dignity and feel a little love. All profits raised from this release will go directly to The Day Centre .

The song is available on itunes and other digital sites. Remember, all profits go to The Day Centre . All press/media and broadcast coverage will greatly help The Day Centre raise much needed funds and continue it’s amazing good work. Contact Tony at 087-6527284 or email

Alison, Daughter of our Nation
Alison, Sister to us all
Alison, Why does nobody want you?
Alison, Alison, Don’t cry.
Alison sits on the bridge
Her hair un brushed, Her clothes unwashed
Feeling tired and feeling hungry
Her eyes show little hope
‘You have to move along now’
Says the man from the city
‘You can’t be in public view
Or the newspapers will see you’
So, She shuffles down the street
Cold, beyond unwanted
Looking for a corner
Where the World, won’t find her
Alison, Daughter of our Nation
Alison, Sister to us all
Alison, Why does nobody want you?
Alison, Alison, Don’t cry.
Alison tries to get some sleep
Wrapped in cardboard boxes
Her boots have holes, you can see her feet
I wonder, will she make it?
Alison, Daughter of our Nation
Alison, Sister to us all
Alison, Why does nobody want you?
Alison, Alison, Don’t cry.

Heather MacLeod – Lead Vocals. Annette Farrell, Tarney Reilly, Eimear Farrell & Caoimhe Dunnion, ‘The Sisters Of Fate’ – Backing Vocals. Joe McGuinness – Guitar & Harmonica. Kieran Farrell – Guitar and Backing Vocals. Syl Burke – Guitar & Percussion. Ian Bolton – Drums. Tony Floyd Kenna – Bass and Guitar.

Recorded at Colours International with Fred’s Mobile – 30th. December 2010. Recording and mix engineer – Fred Meijer. Produced by Tony Floyd Kenna. Post production mastering and editing – Tony Floyd Kenna. Colours International by Ian Bolton. ‘Alison’ words and music by Tony Floyd Kenna © 2010. Razor Blade Records and Music 2011.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Barcelona Star Messi Visits Medjugorje

Lionel Messi the world’s greatest football player is a devout Catholic, and recently visited Medjugorje to stay with visionary Ivan Dragicevic. This has been confirmed by the Mostar based newspaper Dnevni List. According to the newspaper there have been conflicting reports about how he arrived.The paper believes that Messi may have arrived by private jet in Dubrovnik, and that he may have been taken across the Bosnian border and into Medjugorje by car. On the other one, Messi’s private plane may have landed at Mostar airport, after which he was taken by car to Medjugorje.

According to Ivan “Messi has been to Medjugorje, and was my guest.” He explained that Messi has spent some time with him, but he could not give any details. The parish office in Medjugorje could not give more information on the movement of Messi, because for them every pilgrim is equal and everyone has their right to privacy. Messi is three time winner of the title "the world’s best footballer of the year" (three Ballons d'Or).

The Argentina and Barcelona star has won five La Liga titles and three Champions League titles. In 2012, Messi made UEFA Champions League history by becoming the first player to score five goals in one match, in a 7–1 win against Bayer Leverkusen. Lionel Messi was born 24 June 1987 (sixth anniversary of the first apparition at Medjugorje)

Roberto Mancini, coach of Manchester City, Gianluigi Buffon, the goalkeeper of the Juventus and Italy national teams, and David Diehl, the great American football star and member of the New York Giants who is of Croatian origin have also visited Medjugorje.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Video: All Ireland Pro Life Rally 7 July 2012 at Belfast

On Saturday 7 July 2012, Precious Life hosted the 6th All Ireland Rally for Life. Up to 7,000 people marched for life and against abortion.

The All Ireland Rally for Life is organised by Youth Defence, Precious Life, Life Institute and others and takes place alternatively in Dublin and Belfast. Belfast hosted the Rally in 2008 and 2010. Dublin hosted it in 2007, 2009 and 2011. It returns to Belfast for 2012. Hope to see you there, on Saturday, 7 July 2012.

In the Republic and the North of Ireland, unborn children's lives are under serious threat from the UN, the EU and wealthy abortion advocate organizations in the USA and UK, amongst others. In the Republic, although Fine Gael have said they won't allow abortion in Ireland, pro-abortion campaigners now have the support of the Labour Party in government who say they want to legalise abortion. In the North of Ireland, there is constant pressure from UK abortion groups to extend the laws to the North.

Video: Natural Family Planning Benefits Explained

This video is a submission of the Goodness Reigns 2012 Video Mini-Contest on Natural Family Planning. Learn more about Goodness Reigns and how you can participate to win great prizes in upcoming contests at

Video Description: Living in "the real world" as a faithful Catholic usually brings on a torrent of opposition. How would you respond to someone if they professed absolute trust in contraceptives? What would you say about Natural Family Planning and its benefits? Here's a short blip on my take of the potential situation.

Contest: The 2012 Goodness Reigns Mini Contest - Natural Family Planning Created By: Leah Chen
Location: Binghamton, New York, USA
Producer Bio:

Raised Roman Catholic and one of six children, Leah is a college student and currently discerning religious life. She enjoys adding new videos to her YouTube channel 'SheisCatholic' as well as keeping up with pro-life work in the community. In her spare time, Leah enjoys drawing, playing the piano and pretending she's somewhat athletic by trying to run more than two miles. Credits: All components of the video, such as script, editing and music, were created and put into character by Leah 'SheisCatholic'

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Polish Model Ania Goledzinowska Amazing Medjugorje Conversion

Many Italians- though not many outside of Italy- already know the story of the Polish girl, Ania Goledzinowska who had a difficult childhood and who arrived in Italy as 16 years old teenager, and soon became known to audiences for her television appearances as a showgirl on RAI and Mediaset. Ania dreamed of the "star system", a comfortable life, famous friends, and fun. She was highly successful. She lived in Milan where she led a lifestyle that is tempting for many girls. Then she met a journalist Paolo Brosio who is working hard to spread the message and the reality' of Medjugorje through the medium of television. This meeting was to change her life. Ania had everything, but in reality she was never happy. Up to then she had absolutely no time for the Church or priests.

When she met Paolo, he convinced her to attend church each morning for a month with him. It was Paolo who taught her to pray in Italian. Thanks to him she made her first pilgrimage to Medjugorje, and realized that she had never been truly happy in her entire life. Ania fell in love with that little town in Bosnia-Herzegovina, so that on her return to Italy she began to feel depressed. "I had a privileged life that I no longer liked, I wanted things simple, normal, then one morning I called Paolo and I asked him to help me to return permanently to Medjugorje. I left Italy with two suitcases without telling anyone."

Now I live in a community with Marian priests and nuns. I wake up at five, I recite the rosary climbing Mount Podbrdo and then return to the holy Mass. I clean rooms and bathrooms, ironing and cooking. What I do for the sisters, until a few months ago was done for me by my maid! We also have a vegetable garden and chickens. In the afternoon there is rest and at six we have the prayers. "Certainly, here in Medjugorje I do not need the shoes of Chanel." Then, Ania adds: "My boyfriend (Paolo Beretta, grandson of Silvio Berlusconi, ed.)was initially shocked by the decision. For two weeks he did not know where I was and we met only a month after I moved to Medjugorje". He accepted her decision. She sees himself as "the first among sinners," and now works for the association CUORI PURI (Pure Hearts), which guides those who choose to live in chastity until marriage.

On June 25, 2011, the 30th anniversary of the apparitions in Medjugorje, the PURE HEART initiative arose. It was inspired by Father Renzo Gobbi, who then held the position of "Chaplain to the Italians" and had heard of a similar American movement. The first person to adhere to the guiding principles was Ania Goledzinowska , who has also assumed the responsibility to personally take care of the organization.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Medjugorje: Paddy Kelly of the Kelly Family- My Conversion

In this video Paddy Kelly explains how he had great musical success. However something was missing. At Medjugorje he found what was missing. Happiness is found in God and not in material things.

Hail Mary sung by Elvis

At Lourdes in 1858, the Virgin chose to make Her last apparition on July 16th, feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the day the Church commemorates Her apparition to Saint Simon Stock. And at Fatima on October 13, 1917, it is as Our Lady of Mount Carmel that Mary appeared when She said farewell to the three children

President Ronald Reagan and God:Rare Footage of Him Speaking the Gospel

President Ronald Reagan was a man after God's own heart. The job of the nation's president is no easy feat and he knew that God had his hand over his Presidency.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Planned Parenthood: Why it's Today's Auschwitz

Via Students For Life

People often brittle when pro-life advocates present the similarities between the Jewish Holocaust of WWII and the current American Holocaust of the preborn. While it would be incorrect to say that the two events are exactly the same, they do share critical aspects in common, the most glaring of which is the fact that millions have been targeted and killed because of these atrocious holocausts.

Matt Barber, in an article for World Net Daily shows that not only can we legitimately point out the similarities between the two holocausts, but that people fighting against the Jewish Holocaust saw the similarities! Dietrich Bonhoeffer saw the humanity and value in both groups, saying, “To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue. The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being has been deliberately deprived of his life. And that is nothing but murder.” (Click HERE to read the full article by Matt Barber.

Brad Pitt's mother attacks abortion

Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt’s mother, Jane Pitt created a bit of a storm in the celebrity world by speaking out against abortion. Last week, the Springfield, New-Leader reported Jane Pitt saying that President Obama is “a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies...”. For a celebrity to come out and say this is brilliant for the pro-life movement.

Obama is so openly "pro-choice" or say pro-abortion. He does not even believe that babies who are born alive after failed abortions should be saved. He made this very clear as a state senator in Illinois when he voted against a bill that would require abortionists to provide care to an infant who is born alive during the course of a failed abortion. In January on the 39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade he praised the “fundamental constitutional right” to abortion. Obama is the most pro-abortion president ever seen in America.

Jane Pitt is not the only celebrity who has spoken out about her opposition to abortion; Professional American football player, Tim Tebow is not afraid to express his pro- life views as early this year during the Super Bowl season himself and his mother starred in the Christian group, Focus on the Family’s advertisement; "Celebrating Family, Celebrate Life" which was evidently an anti-abortion ad. Teenage Pop Star, Justin Bieber “I really don’t believe in abortion. It’s like killing a baby.” World Champion Filipino Boxer Manny Pacquiao spoke out and said "It's sinful to use condoms and commit abortion."

Many of the pro-abortion advocates’ veins are set on fire when pro-life views are shared in the land of Hollywood. These days celebrities are so influential and to have them openly speak out against abortion is not good for the abortion industry. We should all follow their example and not be afraid to speak out, Pope John Paul II said, "Never tire of firmly speaking out in defence of life from its conception and do not be deterred from the commitment to defend the dignity of every human person with courageous determination. Christ is with you: be not afraid!".(Source: Youth Defence)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Croatian Footballer Mate Bilić Visits Medjugorje-Interview

Mate Bilic has said "everything good in life happens to me because of Medjugorje". Mate Bilic,is a Croatian footballer who currently plays with Sporting Gijon in Spain. In early June he travelled to Medjugorje

In an interview for Radio "Mir" Medjugorje he spoke about his journey through life, family life and about Medjugorje. He stressed that he regularly visits Medjugorje. For him and his wife Emilia, who is from Herzegovina, and their children Mark and Carla Medjugorje is a second home. Even when he goes to Spain Medjugorje is not far from his thoughts : "It is always there, in my heart, and I gladly testify about it”. “Medjugorje is outwardly quite changed, though I feel that the spirit has remained the same”. Even before when I was a child I came with my family, and now I come every year with my wife and children. This is simply a place where people gather strength to go further and it strengthens families. Our values are built into us and we are trying to convey them to our children. It is important that children from an early age learn what is important for us Christians.

Medjugorje and Spain

“In games I regularly wear a shirt with the image of Our Lady of Medjugorje, because all good in my life happened because of Medjugorje. People have recognized this. Many Spaniards are very enthusiastic about this place. My wife was born near Medjugorje, in Hardomilije, Ljubuški . The proximity gives us much greater ability to come every day to Medjugorje when we are in Herzegovina. A few years ago in Spain I was asked to speak about Medjugorje and Marija Bistrica during Holy Week. This was my great honour because I'm a stranger in that country. ( Note: Marija Bistrica in Croatia has an old Marian shrine of the Black Madonna and is a place of pilgrimage visited by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year. On 3 October 1998, Pope John Paul II visited Marija Bistrica and beatified Croatian Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac in front of a crowd of 500,000 Croatians)

We have a priest with whom we regularly pray the Lord's Prayer before the game. He recently called me into one parish to speak to students who are preparing to come to Medjugorje in July. On that occasion I spoke about the apparitions of the Queen of Peace, and also of Herzegovina and Croatia, because they were interested in where you travel. I got the impression that the apparitions in Medjugorje are known to students and their teachers. He then spoke about pressures on footballers- big money and all sorts of stories circulating. I believe in God, and we all have moments of crisis in life. The real way out of this crisis is prayer in the family. We are all witnesses to how the family is now threatened, and therefore the Church. We see the threats especially to the family unit. The problem is how to connect the values that give faith to grow the family? We were all kids and we know what we can find on the street. Today young people are pressurized to think that the church, prayer and sacraments are not important and that they are outdated. In fact, those who practice religion in any way are often ridiculed. I try to educate my children in religious life and provide them with moral values. I believe that young people only with God’s help can grow into a moral persons. The difficulties are great and we devote much time to the family. We often call upon Our Lady of Medjugorje to help us.

How do you feel when you finish the pilgrimage?

Many of the faithful come here still. The prayerful atmosphere of peace, and peace that I feel in my heart amazes me. I come with many problems, and leave peaceful and blessed. If I do not come for a long time, I feel a longing and need to come. We use mostly every opportunity to come.

Are your fellow players familiar with Medjugorje?

Gijon where I play has a place where Our Lady appeared and they compare it with Medjugorje. ( Note: He is referring to the shrine to the Virgin Mary of Covadonga and the mountain lakes (Los Lagos), near Cangas de Onís: Legend has it that in the 8th century, the Virgin blessed Asturian Christian forces with a well-timed signal to attack Spain's Moorish conquerors, thereby taking the invaders by surprise. The Reconquista and eventual unification of all Spain is therefore said to have started in this very location). Many people thank me because they find peace in Medjugorje and all say that they would return.

Italian Mother Chiara Petrillo 28 Dies To Save Her Unborn Baby

One day this woman will be a saint

Two weeks ago a young Italian mother gave up her life for her unborn child in a stunning act of saintliness, says Paul Williams
Chiara Petrillo was a 28-year-old Italian mother who apparently refused life-saving cancer treatment that would have damaged or destroyed her baby. Her baby, Francesco, was born perfectly well. Chiara died.

Chiara’s funeral took place a few days ago in Rome. But Francesco was not her first baby. Her first, Maria, was found in the womb to be terribly disabled. Chiara and her husband Enrico refused repeated advice to abort Maria. The baby lived for 30 minutes, and was baptised, loved and mourned. Chiara and Enrico’s next baby, David, was found in the womb to have no legs. Further complications followed and once more he died soon after birth, cherished, loved and celebrated to the end. Then Chiara became pregnant with Francesco. Chiara was found in the fifth month to have cancer, but she would not accept any treatment that would harm her baby. Sometimes love is like that.

But in terms of Catholic moral theory Chiara was not obliged to refuse life-saving treatment. Continue reading at Catholic Herald

Friday, July 6, 2012

UK Visit: Cardinal Schönborn discusses decision to go to Medjugorje

I think that the Church’s teaching on Medjugorje is very clear. The bishops of the countries of the former Yugoslavia took a clear position in 1991. This is still valid and has been confirmed by the Vatican twice. There are three important points in this statement. First, that it is not confirmed that the events are of supernatural origin. That means it is neither confirmed nor denied. The Church left it open.

The second point is that as the so-called apparition question and message question has not been decided it is not permissible to make official pilgrimages to Medjugorje. So, for example, I cannot organize a formal diocesan pilgrimage to Medjugorje as we can to Rome or Fatima or Lourdes.

The third point, however, is that the people who choose to go to Medjugorje on their own are entitled to spiritual care. So, we priests or bishops are invited to provide spiritual company to pilgrims. That’s what my predecessors in Vienna did from the very beginning regarding Medjugorje, and that’s what I continue to do. I think these three points are sufficient for a good understanding of how to approach Medjugorje. The most important for me are the overwhelming good spiritual fruits of Medjugorje (Read FULL interview at OSV)

Video: Scientist explains "WHAT IS HIGGS BOSON?" A. K. A The God Particle

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Italian Goalkeeper Buffon visits Medjugorje

Goalkeeper and captain of the Italian football team, Gianluigi Buffon, has arrived in the holy village of Medjugorje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, just days after his teams heavy defeat to Spain in the European Championship final in the Ukraine, reports website politka plus. Buffon arrived in Mostar on Tuesday by private jet before making his way to Medjugorje, the place where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to six schoolchildren in 1981 (Croatian Times)

Buffon has two sons with his wife Czech model Alena Šeredová: Louis Thomas and David Lee.Buffon started in each of Italy's matches at Euro 2012, saving a penalty kick from Ashley Cole in the Azzurri's quarter-final penalty shoot-out victory.(Image © Wikipedia)

It was the first time that Buffon set foot in Medjugorje but, he "wanted to come for many years". He prayed to the Virgin as any pilgrim, without any fanfare. This was meant to be a private visit. But his presence did not go unnoticed and he was soon surrounded by photographers. He met the visionaries Ivanka, Mirjana and Ivan.

At the root of the spiritual journey of faith is Buffon's friendship with Paolo Brosio, Retequattro journalist, who has been going to Medjugorje for years and has written three books on the subject. He visited a local orphanage run by nuns. The Mother Superior is Sister Cornelija Kordic

Video: Apparition to Mirjana at Medjugorje July 2, 2012

July 2 Medjugorje Message to Mirjana

On July 02, 2012, Our Lady appeared to the visionary Mirjana and delivered the following message:

"My children; "Again, in a motherly way, I implore you to stop for a moment and to reflect on yourselves and on the transience of this your earthly life. Then reflect on eternity and the eternal beatitude. What do you want? Which way do you want to set out on? The Father`s love sends me to be a mediatrix for you, to show you with motherly love the way which leads to the purity of soul; a soul unburdened by sin; a soul that will come to know eternity. I am praying that the light of the love of my Son may illuminate you, so that you may triumph over weaknesses and come out of misery. You are my children and I desire for all of you to be on the way of salvation. Therefore, my children, gather around me that I may have you come to know the love of my Son and thus open the door of eternal beatitude. Pray as I do for your shepherds. Again I caution you: do not judge them, because my Son chose them. Thank you."

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Medjugorje Visionary Marija Lunetti: Virgin Mary is aware of economic crisis in Europe

Marija Pavlovic Lunetti has been visiting Alabama most years since 1988, when she first came to Birmingham to donate a kidney for her brother, An­drija Pavlovic, at UAB Hos­pita
Marija Lunetti, one of six young peasants who claimed that the Virgin Mary began appearing to them in 1981 in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, says the mother of Jesus is aware of the economic crisis in Europe. "She's more preoccupied with spiritual (matters)," Lunetti said. "When there is a spiritual crisis, there is also an economic crisis."
Continue reading at

Monday, July 2, 2012

Susan B. Anthony List: Pro-Lifers Must Unite behind Romney

Not since Ronald Reagan has a presidential nominee made so firm a promise to get taxpayers out of the abortion business. Recognizing that Planned Parenthood is America’s No. 1 abortion provider, Romney has pledged to support efforts to end federal funding for it and other abortion-centered, profit-driven businesses. Voters should take Governor Romney at his word—as Planned Parenthood has done: The leader of Big Abortion — most recently exposed as a willing ally of alleged human traffickers and the facilitator of sex-selective abortions — has already launched a wave of attack ads hitting Romney for vowing to stop the flow of taxpayer dollars to their overflowing coffers.
Read the full article by Marjorie Dannenfelser president of the Susan B. Anthony List at National Review Online