Friday, December 28, 2012

Medjugorje: Jesus appeared and spoke on Christmas Day

On Tuesday last Christmas day the baby Jesus reportedly spoke to Marija Pavlovic Lunetti one of the Medjugorje visionaries. It was the first time that it has been reported that Jesus spoke to someone at Medjugorje. Marija said: "Our Lady came with baby Jesus in her arms and did not give any message, but the baby Jesus spoke up and said, 'I am your peace, live my Commandments'. Then the baby Jesus and Our Lady made the sign of the cross and gave a blessing.

Also on Christmas day Our Lady appeared and spoke to Medjugorje visionary Jakov Colo. She gave Jakov the following message:

Dear children, give the gift of your life to me and completely surrender to me so that I may help you to comprehend my motherly love and the love of my Son for you. My children, I love you immeasurably and today, in a special way, on the day of the birth of my Son, I desire to receive each of you into my heart and to give a gift of your lives to my Son. My children, Jesus loves you and gives you the grace to live in His mercy, but sin has overtaken many of your hearts and you live in darkness. Therefore, my children, do not wait, say ‘no’ to sin and surrender your hearts to my Son, because only in this way will you be able to live God’s mercy and, with Jesus in your hearts, set out on the way of salvation” .

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Huckabee Show video: Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Life Institute and Lila Rose discuss Savita Case

Death of Savita Halappanavar sparks abortion law controversy in Ireland

Niamh Ui Bhriain founder of the Life Institute in Ireland and Lila Rose of Live Action discuss the Savita case with Mike Huckabee and describe the efforts being made by pro-abortion groups to foist abortion on Ireland.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ireland- Abortion:FG Backbench TDs Rebel on SUICIDE Issue if you wish to save your seats

The decision of the Irish government today to legalise abortion on the ground of suicide is a disgrace. It means that the unborn child can be deliberately targeted and killed. A promise was given in writing by Phil Hogan the FG director of elections- before the last general election- that FG in government would not legalise abortion. I have a copy of it. Now the party leadership has sold out the unborn. I did not vote for Labour Party/Workers Party/DL policy on abortion.

If the FG backbench TDs want to save the party, they had better rebel and stand up to Reilly/Shatter/Fitzgerald/Kenny clique who are seen even by many FG supporters as out and out bullies. I concur with that. This cannot go through if the backbenchers band together as a group and make it clear they are not voting for it. FG can't kick out thirty or forty TDs. A Dublin liberal clique has highjacked the FG party aided and abetted by a weak leader. Reilly speaks about this as a victory for the women of Ireland. It is no such thing. There was no mention from him -on RTE Six One News tonight- of the right to life of the unborn child. Backbench TDs must rebel against the Kenny, Shatter, Reilly clique that is leading the party to political destruction.

Backbenchers stand up for the unborn. Stand up for the traditions of a Christian Democratic Party. You are entitled to freedom of conscience. Block the suicide option. Bury this insane proposal. If the Labour Party wishes to walk out on this issue so be it. It will face wipe out in any snap general election. We did not vote for Labour's pro abortion policies. Labour will become an urban half party. If Kenny and Reilly and Shatter fail to listen, REPLACE them. Otherwise face wipe out in rural constituencies. If Kenny, Reilly, Fitzgerald and Shatter are not prepared to listen vote if necessary against the party whip on this issue. The arrogance of Shatter and Reilly knows no bounds. They are about to destroy the FG party. Rebel and remove Kenny, Shatter, Fitzgerald and Reilly if they are unprepared to listen. They do not represent 90% of FG voters. Shatter and Reilly preach about referendums and the X-Case. Seeing as they claim to be democrats no doubt they will put their proposals to the electorate in a referendum.

Reilly speaks about consensus. He has no intention of listening to those who proclaim the right to life of the unborn. He is cunningly seeking to weaken opposition to the proposal. I have news for him. He ain't seen nothing yet. Prolife supporters will fight tooth and nail to scuttle this proposal. Kenny is where he is as leader thanks to the liberal clique of Fitzgerald, Shatter and Reilly who supported him in the leadership campaign. He lacks the guts to face them down. I have lost all respect for him. Shame on you Mr Kenny. Mr Kenny your word counts for nothing any more.

2011 General Election Letter from Phil Hogan:“Fine Gael is opposed to the legislation of Abortion”

Monday, December 17, 2012

UN's Anand Grover in outrageous interference in Irish Abortion debate

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health Anand Grover has said abortion should be an option for women where their health is affected and not only where the life of the mother is at risk. Speaking to RTÉ News, Mr. Grover said he is concerned about the health of women around the world, but in particular the health of women in Ireland following the death of Savita Halappanavar. Incidentally RTE FAILED to indicate that Mr. Grover has issued a radical pro-abortion report.

Really Mr. Grover!!. It is none of your business how Ireland regulates its health service. Your intervention is ill-timed, ill-judged and idiotic. Three inquiries are ongoing into Savita's death. You do not have the full facts in relation to this case. Yet you are pontificating in relation to it. Much of the coverage in the international media on this issue was and is deeply flawed and was/is influenced by Irish pro- aborts. You appear to be strongly influenced by pro- abortion lies in the international media. The UN is a deeply discredited organisation which has become a pro-abortion front. Where for instance is UN concern on gendercide? Yet for sometime it has been busy interfering in Irish internal affairs on the abortion issue. Essentially Mr.Anand Grover is arguing for abortion on demand in Ireland. Now of course he will not state that openly. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from his injudicious intervention. Where is your concern for the unborn child Mr. Grover? The pro-life position is that a seriously ill mother is entitled to all treatment necessary to save her life even if the unborn child unintentionally dies in the course of the treatment. That is the situation in Ireland at present.

Now suicide should not be a grounds for abortion: Eleven top-level Irish consultant psychiatrists have sent a letter to FG TDs and Senators opposing suicide as a grounds for abortion. The letter states that "termination of pregnancy is not a psychiatric treatment for suicidality, nor is it mentioned as such in any of the major textbooks of psychiatry'. The letter also expresses the belief that "offering an abortion to a distressed person who is psychiatrically ill would be strongly ill-advised since the person's capacity to make important life decisions is frequently impaired". These are the experts not you Mr. Grover. Ireland does not need your concern. The maternal mortality rate in INDIA is 540 per 100,000. That is YOUR country Mr. Grover. It has legalised abortion. In IRELAND (without abortion) the maternal mortality rate is 6 per 100,000. Based on world wide statistics for maternal mortality Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world for pregnant women.

The UN has morphed into an organisation that denies the unborn the right to life. A so-called human rights organisation is now attacking the human rights of the unborn. Yet it fails to attack gendercide in China. It is a cowardly discredited body that increasingly promotes the CULTURE OF DEATH. Hopefully Irish politicians will have the good sense to ignore its moronic pronouncements on the unborn.

2011 General Election Letter from Phil Hogan:“Fine Gael is opposed to the legislation of Abortion”

Sunday, December 16, 2012

11 top-level Irish consultant psychiatrists in letter oppose suicide as grounds for abortion.

11 top-level Irish consultant psychiatrists have sent a letter to FG TDs and Senators opposing suicide as a grounds for abortion.
The letter was signed by Jacqueline Montwill, consultant psychiatrist for Mayo Mental Health Services; Eugene Breen, CP Mater University Hospital; Alan Byrne, CP Naas; Patricia Casey, professor of psychiatry Mater/UCD; Ciaran Clarke, CP Barringtons Limerick; Brid Corkery, CP St Stephen's Hospital Cork; Brian Houlihan, consultant child psychiatrist at Children's University Hospital Temple St; Richelle Kirrane, CP John Connolly Hospital; Martin Mahon, CP John Connolly Hospital; Bernie McCabe, CP Navan Mental Health Services, and Geraldine Lyster, CP St Brigid's Hospital Louth.

Significantly, the letter claims that "termination of pregnancy is not a psychiatric treatment for suicidality, nor is it mentioned as such in any of the major textbooks of psychiatry'. The letter also expresses the belief that "offering an abortion to a distressed person who is psychiatrically ill would be strongly ill-advised since the person's capacity to make important life decisions is frequently impaired". Source:(JOHN DRENNAN-Sunday Independent )

I have already discussed the abortion issue in Ireland at length at
(1) Ireland: Reilly, Shatter and FG have NO Mandate to legalise abortion for suicide threat


(2) Ireland: Reasons not to legalise Abortion

Gabriele Amorth Exorcist of Diocese of Rome and Catholic priest answers questions

Question: A young man of twenty-eight who suffers from panic attacks and anxiety, went to many doctors, but that did not solve the problem. It was recalled that when he was just ten years, together with friends, he participated as a joke in seances.

Father Amorth: And so by a joke you can ruin your whole life. However to this young man I recommend three tips that Jesus gives to heal the ills of evil, even without the need for exorcisms:(1) much faith (2)much prayer and (3) fasting. I remember the advice that Jesus gave to nine apostles who failed to release a young man from demons." "Why do not you have faith, it takes prayer and fasting to banish some demons."

Question: When I commit a mortal sin, can I ask forgiveness from God without having to confess to a priest?

Father Amorth: Two things: When you commit a mortal sin you should make an act of perfect repentance and this you can do yourself with God: "Lord, I ask your forgiveness because I have offended you, because I deserved hell, I offended you, I went against your commandment. "This has to be done right away, for fear of a sudden death, but it is not enough. The Lord was clear: "Whose sins you shall forgive they are forgiven whose sins you shall retain they are retained." So you must confess as soon as possible." Jesus wants priests to forgive sins, because sin is not just a personal matter, it is something that damages the whole of society, even if done in secret.

Question: Our Lady says that fasting today is really necessary, why does the Church does not speak?

Father Amorth: It 'a good question. I remember as a child that it was held to be enormously important not to eat meat on a Friday and also to fast on any particular day. Our Lady insists so much on fasting, then why does the Church not speak? It will be good if you go back to talk about it even just as an observation.

Question: If two gay people love each other why can they can not marry?

Father Amorth: Dear children, God has instituted marriage between a man and a woman. God created men and women complementary, but here you go against the most basic principles of reason. It's true that we are in a world so confused! At the time I was flabbergasted when, on the occasion of the referendum on divorce, I saw many Catholics vote for divorce. At that time I broke the friendship with my dear friend that maybe some of you have heard of -Carlo Carretto, Monaco. He publicly said: "I vote in favor of divorce." In my area in Emilia all the advocates of divorce went around with the speech of Carlo Carretto. Many Catholics voted for divorce, then, even worse, many Catholics voted for abortion. Jesus said, "What God has joined together let no man put asunder." Abortion is against the 5th commandment "Thou shalt not kill." I have seen many Catholics vote for abortion, and those who practice abortion are murderers who have a patron: King Herod, the author of the Massacre of the Innocents. Doctors should cure the disease and not kill. But you say it's crazy we live in a world so upset that if today a referendum were held on euthanasia it could be passed. If a referendum were held on adoption of children by homosexual couples it could pass. It is 'a shattered world , so here it is essential that a Christian who wants to live as a Christian, must be different from the others. Christians must stand up for their beliefs and not be shy.

Question: Why is there so much corruption in the Church and so much luxury? Why do not you sell many goods and give the money to the poor? The property of the church were made with the money of the poor?

Father Amorth: Look at these great cathedrals, these mosaics, these paintings, the statues, go to visit the Vatican Museums. Why should you shut down the Sistine Chapel, which is for the joy and faith of all? Did you know that the Sistine Chapel is visited by twenty thousand people a day at the height of the tourist season? Things are then given to God for the benefit and enjoyment of all. There was a pastor who I think you have all heard of. He was the Cure of Ars. He used to dress very poorly, but when it came to buying for the church, he wanted the most beautiful things, because they are for the Lord. There are people who can give money to the poor and the Church does its best. Look at Caritas worldwide, also think of the many cafeterias that Caritas has in Rome.

Question: Many people say many rosaries but then it seems they misbehave with others.

Father Amorth: We pray for Christian living. We pray to God for strength to live as Christians. What does it mean? To love God with all your strength and love your neighbor as Jesus has loved him. In that way Jesus loves us. St. John is so clear: "Jesus loved us by giving his life for us, this means that we must love our neighbor by giving our lives for others. The more you pray the more you can understand God and His goodness. Maybe we do not pray with the heart, ah this is possible!! We must pray in faith, not mechanically. Pray with faith and prayer increases faith and charity.

Question: Although I pray, my situation in the office is just desperate. My colleagues are bad for me, and even threaten to kill me, because I have heard bad things about them. I also know a high level employee who has been fired unjustly, because he came to know of the big flaws at the top. I have lost all hope. I wonder if the Lord does not see my situation? I can not quit my job because I do not know how to earn a living in any other way. I have to stay even if full of fear.

Father Amorth: Sometimes you are forced to live in an environment like that and just because a person is a Christian, who disapproves of certain things that others approve, it is likely he /she will be persecuted. The Christian must accept being persecuted. Christians must also agree to give their lives for the Lord. You see in the Middle East, many Christians were killed in the Church. A Christian must also agree to be frowned upon by others because the Church is different from the others and is in trouble if it conforms to the ideas of others.

Question: For eighteen years I have been trying to bring my daughter Paola to behave like a child of God, but this time things are getting worse to the point that she professes to be someone else. Now it's as if she no longer lives,. She spends all night and day on her computer and contacts horrible persons. She is no longer interested in anything, not even in her little daughter, or us parents. What should I do?

Father Amorth: When a person loses his head completely he loses out. So you just have to pray, and treat her with kindness, because goodness can conquer.If you are acerbic it is counterproductive. Yes, yes, disapprove but continue to love and submit to the mercy of God

Question: What are the causes of the spread of magical practices? What are the consequences of the spread of these practices?

Father Amorth: It is clear that the spread of these magical practices depends on the spread of the loss of faith. When you lose faith, you give in unerringly to superstition. That is the cause of the spread of magical practices. Here in Rome, one of the first years I was an exorcist, I was invited by a religion teacher to a high school, one of Rome's most famous. I asked the children: "Dear children, I want to know how many of you are playing a game where you speak with the dead. The Bible says, "He who speaks with the dead is an abomination to God." It is true Satanism and I asked: More than half raised their hands. And I asked them again. A large number of hands went up again. Present was the religion teacher who had invited me. The game of the glass is extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, many priests do not know about these things and think it is a harmless joke. Instead there are those who suffer flu or worse yet a demonic possession. You have to stay away from anything that can cause disorders of evil character, which sometimes can become very serious. About the worst case I can think of was where the Sicilian exorcist named Father Matteo La Grua, who died recently, was the first to make the diagnosis of a person possessed by Satan with twenty-seven legions. He is now well, having been healed(by exorcism) .

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Medjugorje Visit helps Martin to return to God

"How I became a believer."- Martin tells his faith story.

Martin did not come to faith, but rather faith came to him. Born into a religious family he had thus started to rebel from the age of twelve. "I had got a lot of problems at this time, had a different way of life. I had become a bit of a rebel," says the 26-year-old. "The teachers wanted to fire me several times from school; I had problems with my parents. No, I did not really care. At 16 I then fell into a coma for several hours after I had drunk too much alcohol.

Then I came for the first time on the question of what exactly is the meaning of life? I knew I could not go on as I was, but I was aimless. I got the offer in the summer of 2002 to participate in a youth pilgrimage to Medjugorje. My mother paid for the trip for me. At first it was very difficult for me. I was on a bus with 30 people I did not know and they were just all so 'Christian' ... who were praying ... I remember that I got out at every rest stop and smoked two or three cigarettes. But I noticed that these people had something that I did not have. They had a joy, a purpose in life and presence. It is difficult to put into words, I'm not anybodys fool, never had a vision or a miracle, but somehow I felt deep in my heart, there was more to life and that I would have to stay tuned. I decided that summer that I would walk a path with God and that I wanted to be a good person. I have learned painfully that I was a selfish, a cold man. I have much to regret. For the last ten years, I have been on the road to God. Martin has found that again and again that he needs to renew his faith. (Source:erzdioezese-wien)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ireland-Confidence Debate: Sinn Fein's Mary Lou McDonald in Nonsensical Comment on Debt Default

In the course of the Dail debate tonight on the Sinn Fein no confidence motion in the government Mary Lou McDonald chided the government on the issue of default. She ridiculed FG for its opposition to default. Really Mary Lou McDonald is totally confused if she believes that a unilateral default would provide a way forward. She seems blissfully unaware of the likely consequences. The ECB has provided funding to the tune of c130 billion euro for Irish banks. A unilateral default would have major repercussions for those banks. Does she really believe that the ECB would not retaliate? Who would fund the banks in the event of a unilateral default? Who would fund public service salaries and Social Welfare payments? Playing to the gallery is no substitute for a coherent economic policy. Neither is populist play acting. It may win a few cheers from the uninformed but it is not a way forward. Indeed it is the road to ruin. Perhaps Ms. McDonald and Sinn Fein might care to study the impact of a PARTIAL DEFAULT on Greece.

As a quid pro quo for debt restructuring

  • Greece has promised to reduce its 750,000-strong broader public sector by 150,000 by the end of 2015,
  • The minimum wage has been reduced to €2.20 per hour
  • Savage pension cuts have been implemented.
  • Large public sector pay cuts are being enforced.
  • Massive rises in direct, indirect and property taxation have come into effect.

Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Fein need to go back to the economic drawing board. They have not thought out the likely consequences of default.

Ireland needs concessions on the promissory notes and banking debt. At this juncture jaw-jaw is better than war-war. Hopefully a deal can be reached on the Anglo promissory notes by March. In addition Ireland is hoping that the ESM can be used to retroactively tackle some €30bn of bank debt relating to the recapitalisation of Bank of Ireland, AIB and Permanent TSB. This is a more rational approach than that advocated by Sinn Fein. Populist posturing does not an economic policy make. Sinn Fein is not alone in this. Shane Ross and Stephen Donnelly consistently surf the populist wave. Whilst Donnelly endeavours to come up with solutions, Ross engages in inane criticism devoid of answers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ireland-Abortion:Pastoral Letter on the Right to Life written by Bishop John Buckley of Cork

Here is the Pastoral Letter on the Right to Life written by Bishop John Buckley of Cork, Ireland (December 9,2012). 

My Dear People,

Human life is sacred and precious.  Every human being must be treated with the greatest respect.  This is true at every moment of life, from its first beginnings to its natural death.  In the womb we grow and develop as full human beings, not as potential human beings.  We read in the Old Testament:  “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I sanctified you” (Jeremiah 1:5).

The child in the womb must enjoy the same rights as all other people, among which is the unassailable right of an innocent person to life.  This includes our responsibility as a society to defend and promote the equal right to life of a pregnant mother and the innocent and defenceless child in her womb when the life of either of these persons is at risk.  They have an equal right to life.  The Catholic Church has never taught that the life of a child in the womb should be preferred to that of the mother.  In situations where a seriously ill pregnant woman needs medical treatment which may put the life of her baby at risk, such treatments are morally permissible, provided that every effort has been made to save the life of both the mother and her baby.

Abortion is the deliberate medical intervention to end the life of an unborn child and is gravely wrong in all circumstances.  This is different from medical treatments, such as those to save the mother, which do not directly and intentionally seek to end the life of the unborn baby.

Current law and medical guidelines in Ireland allow nurses and doctors in Irish hospitals to apply this vital distinction in practice.  International statistics confirm that Ireland, without abortion, remains one of the safest countries in the world in which to be pregnant and to give birth.

Contrary to what has been widely said, the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights does not oblige the Irish government to legislate for abortion.  The Lisbon Treaty was passed at the second attempt following assurances that Ireland had the right to determine its own policies on abortion.

The recent report of the government-appointed Expert Group has put forward four options.  Three of those options involve abortion i.e. the direct and intentional killing of the unborn child.  This can never be morally justified.  In no other situation in life do we suggest ending the life of a person as a solution to a problem.  The fourth option i.e. guidelines which can help ensure consistency in the delivery of medical treatment, could be a way forward provided the direct and intentional killing of either person continues to be excluded.  The Expert Group failed to consider the moral dimensions, even though it is was included in the terms of reference.

We must always extend our help to women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies, offering love and compassion.  The Church understands the anguish and distress of women in difficult situations who might wrongly feel that abortion is the only option open to them.  The Church has its agencies that are ready to assist those who find themselves in such a situation.  CURA Crisis Pregnancy Support Service offers support and counselling.  CURA itself, with its own confidential counselling service, can be contacted at its Cork centre (Tel: 021-4277544).

The pro-life commitment of the Church is also reflected in its compassion for those who often regret having an abortion.  Many women who had abortions would have been willing to carry their children to term if they had received support from the important people in their lives.  Addressing women who had abortions, Blessed Pope John Paul II wrote: “The Church is aware of the many factors which may have influenced your decision and she does not doubt that in many cases, it was a painful decision.  Do not give in to discouragement.  Believe in the mercy of the Lord.  The Lord is close to the broken-hearted”.

Finally, respect for life is deeply embedded in Irish society.  Respect for the unborn is widely acknowledged also and, hopefully, we will continue with this commendable tradition.  I am appealing for prayers at this particular time.  Take time to pray, it is the greatest power on earth.  May the Virgin Mary, who gave birth to Jesus, protect all mothers, all unborn babies, all medical and nursing hands and all who make the laws of our land.

Praying God’s blessing on you at this time,

+John Buckley,

Bishop of Cork and Ross

Monday, December 10, 2012

Italian Politician Umberto Bossi goes to Medjugorje to find himself

Umberto Bossi was the founder of the Italian Northern League party. Religion was not very high on his agenda. If you look at the polls at the beginning of 2012 the party for the independence of the Po region of Northern Italy (The Northern League) was at 10% in the polls. Now however its support is less than 5%. A decline started between March and May, as the party became mired in scandal. That led to the resignation of the leader and founder Umberto Bossi on April 5.

Umberto Bossi has decided to entrust his future and his redemption to Medjugorje. Bossi has decided to try to escape from the corrupt world of politics paying a visit to Our Lady. Similarly Italian actress and model Sara Tommasi has visited Medjugorje in a spiritual journey to escape the evils of film. Increasingly Medjugorje is therefore the destination of many Italian'VIPs'. Today, if you want to meet some famous Italian person you no longer have to go and find some chic restaurant in the capital but rather visit Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Umberto Bossi and his wife Manuela Marrone are ready to go to climb the Hill of the Apparitions and Cross Mountain. A family friend has convinced Bossi to visit Medjugorje. The real "conversion" of the former leader of the Northern League, was already accomplished in June when Bresso Bossi took a seat in the front row to see Pope Benedict XVI. Meanwhile Sara Tommasi is ready to start out for Bosnia and Herzegovina this month of December on a second voyage in search of spirituality.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Huckabee Show on December 15:Savita Halappanavar death to be discussed with Lila Rose and Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Irish organization The Life Institute

Don't miss the Huckabee show  on Fox News Saturday December 15th at 8pm EST (1am Irish time)!

Note date change to December 15 not December 8(Error in original communication from Live Action)

Savita Halappanavar was a young woman from India living in Ireland, who faced serious complications during her pregnancy, miscarried her child, and later died of septicemia. Abortion campaigners across the world are exploiting this young woman's death, in an attempt to push for abortion legislation in Ireland.
Ireland is one of the only countries in the world that constitutionally protects all unborn children and their mother's from the violence of abortion. Ireland's constitution protects unborn children from the moment of conception, and it should be noted that Ireland has the lowest maternal mortality rate in the world.
Appearing on the Huckabee show is Niamh Ui Bhriain, who is the Director and spokeswoman of the Irish organization The Life Institute. Lila Rose of Live Action and Niamh will be given the opportunity to lay out the facts of Savita's case and discuss the current tumultuous situation in Ireland, as abortion advocates continue to campaign for abortion legislation in the pro-life country.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Immaculate Conception Novena and Definition

[Image from]

The Immaculate Conception is a dogma of the Catholic Church maintaining that from the moment when she was conceived in the womb of her mother St. Anne the Blessed Virgin Mary was kept free of original sin and was filled with the sanctifying grace normally conferred during baptism. Her father was St. Joachim.

In 1854 that Pope Pius IX promulgated the papal bull Ineffabilis Deus (Latin for "Ineffable God"), which defined ex cathedra the dogma of the Immaculate Conception: We declare, pronounce and define that the doctrine which holds that the Blessed Virgin Mary, at the first instant of her conception, by a singular privilege and grace of the Omnipotent God, in virtue of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of mankind, was preserved immaculate from all stain of original sin, has been revealed by God, and therefore should firmly and constantly be believed by all the faithful. —Pope Pius IX, Ineffabilis Deus, December 8, 1854. Details of Novena to the Immaculate Conception available HERE

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ireland-Budget 2013-RTE/FG/ Labour fail to explain economic background to austerity

RTE Budget Sensationalism Grievance Shopping out of Control

Scarcely if ever has a budget got as much publicity as budget 2013. RTE went into over drive in the lead up to the budget. Six One News on Monday and Tuesday nights lead with individuals attacking likely cuts. Was RTE attempting to stir up public opinion in advance of the budget? RTE has almost exclusively focused on the impact of cutbacks and tax rises. It seems to be the policy of the station to engage in grievance shopping. Six One News on Wednesday night and tonight(Thursday) provided evidence of this in abundance. It is inarguable that budget 2013 has imposed hardship on families and homeowners. How could it be any other way? The government introduced cuts/tax rises to the tune of €3.5 billion. Looking at and listening to RTE's superficial coverage one would be forgiven for thinking that a cold blooded government has declared war on its people. There was an absence of analysis of the economic realities.

Six One News failed spectacularly to outline the economic background to the budget. The government is spending c51 billion euro and borrowing 13 billion euro of that. This budget deficit of 13 billion euro is funded by the IMF/EU. The national debt is in the range of 160-170 billion euro. Six one News failed to dissect the harsh economic realities underpinning this severe budget. In so doing it has done a disservice to the Irish people many of whom are unaware of the real state of government finances. Similarly the anti house tax campaign when only in its infancy received huge publicity from RTE. The amount of coverage accorded to Joe Higgins in the course of that campaign was truly amazing. Budget 2013 contained many imaginative measures which will help drive the SME sector in the years to come. This got no mention tonight. But then that is a positive story. It does not suit the grievance shopping mania pervading RTE. Interestingly Six One News failed to carry a report on the George Osborne's Autumn statement. According to this the UK faces austerity budgets to 2018. Savage benefit cuts have been announced for 250,000 people in Northern Ireland. This merited no mention on RTE either. The reality is that the government had Hobson's choice in framing this budget. Incidentally government Ministers in many cases have failed to explain the implications of the debt and budget deficit figures to the voters. It is imperative that the message is driven home that failure to eradicate the budget deficit could place many social payments at risk in their entirety. Over to you Messrs Kenny, Gilmore and other government ministers!!! Please spell out the harsh economic realities in terms which voters can understand. This is sine qua non if you wish to secure acceptance of the budget. It means spelling out the figures on the debt and deficit in CONCRETE TERMS.

Today Joe Duffy's Liveline majored on sensationalism. Callers afflicted by the cuts gave vent to their rage. Nothing wrong with that!! Undoubtedly people will suffer. However Joe Dufy consistently stirred things up. He on several occasions set fire to their indignation. When callers raised the new house tax Joe consistently spoke about a 10 euro weekly charge. Now this is pure and utter nonsense in many cases. Damn well Duffy knows it. He is not thick. The Revenue Commissioners were injected into the discussions by the host with regularity. He consistently failed to outline the economic backgound which necessitated the harsh budget. No mention from him of the 160-170 billion euro National debt or the budget deficit of 13 billion euro!! This is a pre-requisite for any informed discussion on tax rises/cut backs. Joe Duffy is believed to earn c400,000 euro per annum. Joe loves populist claptrap. Is it too much to expect a little analysis from a man earning c400,000 euro per annum. Duffy failed to link the slow growth in Ireland to the current international economic uncertainty. As far as Ireland is concerned it's a case of running hard to stand still until the international economy picks up.

A little less populism and more realism from RTE would benefit the country. Certainly coverage of budget 2013 leaves much to be desired from a station which is funded by the viewers. The omens are not good. The station appears to be surfing a populist wave in its quest for viewers and listeners.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ireland:Dublin- Video of Pro Life Vigil on 4th Dec 2012

10,000 people attended a prolife vigil in Dublin to day. This is all the more amazing considering that the vigil commenced at 4.30 pm- not exactly convenient for many people. This outnumbered by five to one the corresponding pro abortion vigil. The Irish people do not want the legalisation of abortion. Period.

In a powerful speech, Niamh Uí Bhrian, spokeswoman for the Life Institute, spelled out the reality:

“We are not for turning and we will not yield,” she said.“We are proud to be a pro-life nation, we are here to tell the politicians in Dáil Eireann that they may have destroyed our economy but we will never let them kill our children.” She said “The lives of our children are worth fighting for and the mothers who are driven to abortion in fear are worth fighting for and the pro life ethos in this country is worth fighting for.”

Caroline Simons, legal consultant with the Pro Life Campaign stated that there was no obligation on the State to legislate for abortion because of the European Court of Human Rights ABC case”

“All we are supposed to do is clarify our own position in relation to abortion here...We have one of the best maternal mortality rates in the world so abortion is never the answer. It is not going to save mothers lives and we don’t want to see it on our shores.”

Monday, December 3, 2012

Medjugorje: Apparition of Virgin Mary to Mirjana on December 2, 2012

"Dear children, with motherly love and motherly patience anew I call you to live according to my Son -- to spread his peace and his love -- so that as my apostles you may accept God's truth with all your heart and pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you. Then you will be able to faithfully serve my Son and show his love to others with your life. According to the love of my Son and my love, as a mother, I strive to bring all of my stray children into my motherly embrace and to show them the way of faith. My children, help me in my motherly battle and pray with me that sinners may become aware of their sins and repent sincerely. Pray also for those whom my Son has chosen and consecrated in his name. Thank you. "

Friday, November 30, 2012

Choose Life: Prayer for the Child in the Womb

Lord Jesus, you are the source and lover of life.
Reawaken in us respect for every human life.
Help us to see in each child the marvellous
work of our Creator.
Open our hearts to welcome every child as a
unique and wonderful gift.
Guide the work of doctors, nurses and midwives.
May the life of a mother and her baby in the
womb be equally cherished and respected.
Help those who make our laws to uphold the
uniqueness and sacredness of every human life,
from the first moment of conception to natural death.
Give us wisdom and generosity to build a
society that cares for all.
Together with Mary, your Mother,
in whose womb you took on our human nature,
Help us to choose life in every decision we take.
We ask this in the joyful hope of eternal life
with you, and in the communion of the Blessed Trinity.
Our Lady of Knock, pray for us.
All the Saints of Ireland, pray for us.

Ireland-Dublin:Pro-Life Vigil 4.30pm Tuesday 04.12.12 DÁIL ÉIREANN

Click Image To Enlarge

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A New Medjugorje Book titled “Medjugorje: what it means to me”

Louise Hall's new book is titled “Medjugorje:what it means to me”
The book which is published by Columba Press is a collection of testimonies from Irish people about what the village of Medjugorje means to them. Some well known contributors include Mary Kennedy (RTE), Liam Lawton (singer/composer), Daniel O’Donnell (singer) and Shaun Doherty (Highland radio). The village of Medjugorje has seen over 40 million visitors pass through since 1981 when the alleged apparitions first began and the small farming hamlet continues to attract people from all religions across the world.

The deeply personal stories detail how they first came to find out about Medjugorje, what inspired them to travel there, their experiences whilst there and the impact it has had and still has on their lives today.

Fr Svet provides a foreword for the book; an extract appears below: “This book is a continuation of the biblical stories in our time. In Medjugorje:what it means to me we see the drama of Christ coming to his people as it happens in our time; before our very eyes.” This book would make a wonderful Christmas present. It can be purchased online at Columba

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ireland: Reilly, Shatter and FG have NO Mandate to legalise abortion for suicide threat.

Now that the expert group on abortion has reported it is apparent that the government intends to push though suicide as a grounds for abortion. This is outrageous. A letter of comfort from Phil Hogan in the course of the 2011 general election campaign declared that FG was opposed to the legalisation of abortion. Any decision by the government to include suicide as grounds for abortion is contrary to FG pledges in the course of the 2011 general election campaign. In addition it is immoral. It amounts to the legalization of the murder of unborn children and would be open to widespread abuse as any woman seeking an abortion could feign a threat of suicide. In short it would amount to the introduction of a liberal abortion regime.

Quite frankly it is about time Enda Kenny acted as a leader and reined in the Minister for Health James Reilly who appears to have carte blanche to do as he likes. Likewise Alan Shatter seems to have no regard for the life of the unborn.. He has said that that suicide must be grounds for abortion. Wake up Mr Shatter. A perfectly viable child of a eight month pregnant suicidal mother could be aborted. That is cold blooded murder. Is Shatter suggesting that a child one month after birth should be killed because the mother is suicidal? Is Shatter for real? Promises mean nothing to Reilly and Shatter. Reilly and Shatter are bull headed and truculent. It is about time for rank and file FG members to stand up to these bullies who wish to deny freedom of conscience to TDs.

Back benchers stand up and be counted. Shout stop in time!!! Do not bend to the threats of disciplinary action from Kenny or Varadkar. There is strength in numbers. The leadership is powerless when confronted by large numbers. It is well known that at least twenty back benchers have grave misgivings. Kenny cannot expel a large number of dissidents. The backbenchers outnumber the ministers and Ministers for State who favour the suicide option. Ultimately they are the bosses as they have the numbers to cry halt. Stand up for the unborn. Stand up for the traditions of a Christian Democratic Party. You are entitled to freedom of conscience. Block the suicide option. Scuttle this insane proposal. If the Labour Party wishes to walk out on this issue so be it. It will face wipe out in any snap general election. We did not vote for Labour's pro abortion policies. Labour will become an urban half party. If Kenny and Reilly and Shatter fail to listen REPLACE them. Otherwise face wipe out in rural constituencies. If Kenny and Reilly are not prepared to listen vote if necessary against the party whip on this issue. The arrogance of Shatter and Reilly knows no bounds. They are about to destroy the FG party. Rebel and remove Kenny, Shatter and Reilly if they are unprepared to listen. They do not represent 90% of FG voters. Shatter and Reilly preach about referendums and the X-Case. Seeing as they claim to be democrats no doubt they will put their proposals to the electorate in a referendum.

Finally the arrogant Alan Shatter needs to remember that unborn babies conceived by rape exist. They are entitled to life. Why should thay be executed for the crime of their father? Its time to confront the bulldog approach of Shatter and Reilly.If Kenny cannot stand up to these two individuals the time has cone to remove him. The party needs strong leadership. FG backbenchers KILL THE SUICIDE OPTION. Remove Kenny, Shatter and Reilly if they refuse to listen. TAKE BACK YOUR PARTY from the pseudo liberals Shatter and Reilly. Their views on abortion are anathema. There is a hierarchy of values when we vote. Number ONE IS LIFE.

[My reasons not to legalise abortion in more detail at Ireland: Reasons not to legalise abortion ]

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ireland: ICTU President Eugene McGlone's National Strike call economic madness and unchristian

At an anti austerity march held in Dublin yesterday President of the ICTU Eugene McGlone called for a national strike. Has this man lost the run of himself? Empty extreme left wing rhetoric will not put bread and butter on the table for working class families that he claims to represent. Indeed his suggestion is outrageous and an affront to the intelligence of the overwhelming majority of Irish people. At a time when many businesses are struggling a general strike would be the coup de grace and cost more jobs. Has Mr McGlone considered the impact of such a strike on businesses large and small? McGlone may be President of the ICTU. However he is sadly lacking in foresight. He certainly did not provide leadership. Who in his sane senses would want a general strike at this time in our economic history? Is this man not aware that the EU economy is struggling?

Ireland has been making steady progress as it seeks to rebuild from the ashes of the 2008 economic crash. Harsh budgets and swingeing cutbacks in public expenditure have been the order of the day. Unfortunately the national debt is c170 billion euro and the budget deficit is 15 billion euro. Another hairshirt budget is not alone due on December 5. It is a condition of IMF/EU funding. Undoubtedly many are suffering from the impact of expenditure cuts. Sadly because of the financial state of the country the government has Hobson's choice.

McGlone and Joe Higgins of the Socialist party played to the gallery. No attempt was made to explain the dire financial situation of the country to those present. Real leaders would explain economic realities. The approach advocated by Joe Higgins would turn Ireland into a new North Korea. It is time for Joe Higgins to jettison Trotskyite nonsense and face up to the hard economic facts re the national finances. The call for a general strike by Mr McGlone is nonsensical and unchristian. it would increase hardship. Perhaps Mr McGlone could explain where the government might find the extra funding to finance a reflation of the economy?

Ireland has got to rebalance its economy. Such a process is well underway. Now Eugene McGlone wants to undermine this with a national strike. How many jobs would a national strike create? Mr McGlone needs to grow up. The days of class warfare are over. This is the twenty first century. Nobody owes us a living. We have got to dig ourselves out of the economic morass. We are succeeding. Now Mr McGlone comes up with a hairbrained plan to damage the economy. The hard left needs to ponder the following: "Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ireland: Reasons not to legalise Abortion.

The Irish pro-aborts are busy using the same tactics that were employed in the US. The plan is to introduce a liberal abortion regime. One of the battering rams being used is the threat of suicide. Completely forgotten is the fact that anybody can feign a threat of suicide. Also completely forgotten is the REALITY that the unborn baby is a human being who has a right to life. Ending its life DELIBERATELY is not the answer. There is no discussion of the horrific consequences of abortion for the mother's physical and mental health. It is now all rights and no obligations. There is nothing compassionate about DELIBERATELY killing an unborn baby. We have the "compassion brigade" telling us that -if a baby is conceived by rape or incest -the mother should have the right to abort the baby. This is immoral. An unborn baby IRRESPECTIVE of how it was conceived is a human being entitled to live. It EXISTS. Aborting the unborn baby creates two victims -mother and child. Adoption is an option. Deal with the rapist. Jail him for life. What we have got is some people trying to play God.

A seriously ill mother is entitled to all treatment necessary to save her life. The unborn baby may unintentionally die as a result of the treatment. This is perfectly moral as there is no deliberate intent to kill the baby. Abortion is a grave sin because it is the DELIBERATE targeting and killing of an unborn baby. The womb is now the most dangerous place for a baby on planet earth. What have we come to as a human race? "I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born. " ~Ronald Reagan, quoted in New York Times, 22 September 1980

Much has been made of the Supreme Court judgement in the X-Case. This was deeply flawed from a moral and scientific perspective. It would introduce a liberal abortion regime. It is the bible of the Irish pro-abortion movement. If you are "pro-choice" you are pro abortion as you are in favour of allowing a person to get rid of her own child if she so chooses. You are giving the killing of an unborn baby equal status with a decision to allow it to live. They are not two equals. Abortion is a horrific satanic act. Life is beautiful. It is good. This is the reality of abortion: An unborn child is torn to pieces. The pro aborts are endeavouring to convince us that an act which is intrinsically evil is in some way benign.

Abortion is the ultimate barbarism. An attempt is being made by the Irish anti life movement to paint abortion as something wholesome often using religious imagery such as candle light processions. It is time to spell out the reality. We are told by pro abortion supporters that "its the woman's body" and that consequently she can do whatever she likes with it. Of course this is utter nonsense. Its God's body. God is our creator. Pro-abortion secularists like Ivana Bacik and Claire Daly never mention the unborn baby. It is time to confront these extremists with the power of our arguments. We have right on our side. There is no middle ground. Deliberate killing of an unborn baby is MURDER. Liberal secularist double speak deliberately paints prolifers as extremists. It thus seeks to condition public opinion to accept the DELIBERATE killing of the unborn. I call upon The Irish government not to introduce legislation to implement the Supreme Court judgment in the X Case. It must stand for life. FG promised not to legalise abortion. It must keep its election promise to stand for life.

See especially Ireland: Reilly, Shatter and FG have NO Mandate to legalise abortion for suicide threat.

A British doctor has captured an amazing 4-D ultrasound photo of a baby yawning in the womb.Irish legislators take note.

Born Again in Medjugorje-New Paperback by Mary McCafferty

Having read this please read comment of author Mary McCafferty at bottom of post

Mary McCafferty grew up in a devout Irish Catholic family, the eighth of 10 children. "My parents' back yard backed up against the Queen of Peace Catholic Church (in Ardsley)," said McCafferty, 53, who has resided in Manheim Township for 19 years. "We went to Mass every single Sunday." But as a young wife and mother, McCafferty drifted away from church. "I always knew there was a God. But God was in my head, not my heart." Her journey back to church and God began in 1987. McCafferty and her husband, Joe, and two children were living in Mount Holly, N.J., where a good friend from parochial school and her husband stopped by.

McCafferty knew the couple had just returned from a trip to Europe. What she didn't know was that when she asked about the trip — which included a stop at Yugoslavia's Medjugorje, a Catholic pilgrimage site — her life would change forever. "I received the gift of grace that day," she said. Twenty-five years later, a simple question — "How was the trip?" — has evolved into "Born Again … in Medjugorje," a self-published memoir by McCafferty released in June through Createspace, a division of Amazon. For a look inside the book go to Amazon

Read more:Lancaster online

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Standing Committee of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference: Statement on Abortion-November 19, 2012

Full Statement by the Standing Committee of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference on the equal and inalienable right to life of a mother and her unborn child:

At the conclusion of the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference today in the Columba Centre, Saint Patrick’s College, Maynooth, the following statement has been issued: The death of Mrs Savita Halappanavar and her unborn child in University Hospital Galway on the 28 October last was a devastating personal tragedy for her husband and family. It has stunned our country. We share the anguish and sorrow expressed by so many at the tragic loss of a mother and her baby in these circumstances and we express our sympathy to the family of Mrs Halappanavar and all those affected by these events.

In light of the widespread discussion following the tragic death of Mrs Halappanavar and her unborn baby, we wish to reaffirm some aspects of Catholic moral teaching. These were set out in our recently published Day for Life message on 7 October last, available on
* The Catholic Church has never taught that the life of a child in the womb should be preferred to that of a mother. By virtue of their common humanity a mother and her unborn baby are both sacred with an equal right to life.

* Where a seriously ill pregnant woman needs medical treatment which may put the life of her baby at risk, such treatments are ethically permissible provided every effort has been made to save the life of both the mother and her baby.

* Whereas abortion is the direct and intentional destruction of an unborn baby and is gravely immoral in all circumstances, this is different from medical treatments which do not directly and intentionally seek to end the life of the unborn baby. Current law and medical guidelines in Ireland allow nurses and doctors in Irish hospitals to apply this vital distinction in practice while upholding the equal right to life of both a mother and her unborn baby.

* Some would claim that the unborn baby is less human or less deserving of life. Advances in genetics and technology make it clear that at fertilisation a new, unique and genetically complete human being comes into existence. From that moment onwards each of us did not grow and develop into a human being, but grew and developed as a human being.

With many other religious and ethical traditions we believe in upholding the equal and inalienable right to life of a mother and her unborn child in our laws and medical practice. This helps to ensure that women and babies receive the highest standard of care and protection during pregnancy. Indeed, international statistics confirm that Ireland, without abortion, remains one of the safest countries in the world in which to be pregnant and to give birth. This is a position that should continue to be cherished and strengthened in the interests of mothers and unborn children in Ireland.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Ireland:Savita Halappanavar's death cynically exploited by Irish pro-abortion groups and international media

The death of Savita Halappanavar at Galway University Hospital is an appalling tragedy. Savita died from complications in her pregnancy. Savita's husband and family are in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. To them I tender my deepest sympathy. The precise reasons for her death are not clear. However it must be thoroughly investigated and lessons learned.

Dr Muiris Houston, health analyst for The Irish Times, said that all of the circumstances surrounding the incident had not been revealed yet. He described it as a "rare situation". "It is deeply shocking, but I think as responsible people we have to remember that you do need to hear all sides of the story before you make any definitive comment," he said. "I do believe we need to do that in this case."

University Hospital Galway is to carry out an internal investigation and will be cooperating fully with the coroner's inquest into Ms Halappanavar's death.

The HSE is finalising details for inquiry into death of Savita Halappanavar. It will be chaired by an international expert. The Minister for Health James Reilly has stated that the inquiry must stand up to international scrutiny. "What I want for the family is that, as quickly as possible, they have certainty about the facts of what happened here," he said. "And I want for the Irish people to be assured that they have the full facts also as to what happened here."

Pro abortion supporters have not been slow to take advantage of this tragedy and have cynically ramped up demands for the legalsation of abortion in Ireland. Yet there is no CERTAINTY as to the cause of her death. The Irish Medical Council’s guidelines on professional conduct and ethics clearly specify that “In current obstetrical practice, rare complications can arise where therapeutic intervention (including termination of a pregnancy) is required at a stage when, due to extreme immaturity of the baby, there may be little or no hope of the baby surviving. In these exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary to intervene to terminate the pregnancy to protect the life of the mother, while making every effort to preserve the life of the baby.” Medical Council President Prof Kieran Murphy has said that its current guidelines on abortion were decided in 2009 and reflect the current legal position. Prof Murphy said the guidelines are as accessible and as straightforward as possible and had received a plain English recognition mark.

The Catholic Church has also been viciously attacked. It is alleged by pro-aborts that it has too much influence on Irish legislation in this field. The Catholic pro-life position is that every woman with a serious physical illness is entitled to all treatment necessary to save her life even if the child unintentionally dies in the course of the treatment. The aim is to keep the mother alive not to kill the child. That is not abortion. It is a legitimate and moral medical procedure. Attacking the Catholic Church position on abortion is risible. People such as Labour party senator Ivana Bacik and former Socialist Party member Claire Daly want a liberal pro-abortion regime. No concern for the unborn is ever expressed by Bacik or Daly. The Labour Party is of course pro-abortion. Listening to Sinn Fein spokesman Caoimhghin O'Caolain it is glaringly obvious that Sinn Fein is also pro-abortion. He has stated that abortion should be allowed in cases of a suicide threat. Quite frankly this is outrageous. It would result in a liberal pro-abortion law. Any pregnant woman could threaten to commit suicide and thereby secure an abortion.

In another sinister turn of events The Life Institute has discovered that abortion campaigners had been given prior knowledge of the Savita Halappanavar case, and that they planned to use it to proceed with a campaign to have abortion legalised in Ireland. They cynically wished to use this tragedy to stampede the government into legalising abortion. They are beneath contempt.

Although the precise reasons for Savita's death have yet to be established an international media lynch mob has proceeded to tear Ireland's reputation to shreds. Much of the comment is ill-informed and hysterical. Many journalists without the full facts have attempted to paint the Irish as living back in the Dark Ages. India Times beta states: "After Ireland murdered a pregnant Indian dentist, after denying her an abortion as it was against their religious beliefs, we ask the very fundamental question – Are Ireland's Catholic Abortion Laws responsible for Savita's death? Well, it turns out that Savita could have lived if the Irish Parliament had stopped being religious fundamentalists long enough to replace the old draconian law that bans abortion, with a Supreme Court judgment that allowed abortion if the life of mother was in danger." The article also contains the following: Fundamentalist? Taliban-esque? Third World? The author of this rant is factually incorrect in relation to Irish law and in relation to the Catholic churches stance. Once more the Catholic Church position is that every woman with a serious physical illness is entitled to all treatment necessary to save her life even if the child unintentionally dies in the course of the treatment. Is it to much to expect journalists to acquaint themselves with the facts. Incidentally The maternal mortality rate in INDIA is 540 per 100,000. In IRELAND it is 6 per 100,000. See: Are we to conclude that India is Fundamentalist? Taliban-esque? Where does the India Times stand on this figure? The Guardian, Huffington post amongst others have weighed in. Mr Maruti of the Indian Congress Party has demanded a change in the Irish law on abortion. Is this individual serious? Has he not seen India's horrific maternal mortality rates?

What we have got is a feeding frenzy fueled by hatred of Catholicism and pure ignorance. In some cases the "journalism" has degenerated to the level of the gutter. Conclusions have been drawn without access to the full facts. Is it too much to ask people to wait for the results of the inquiries? Is it too much to expect pro- abortion supporters to desist from spurious claims and to cease making political capital out of this tragedy?

Addendum: An editorial in the Irish Examiner (November 17-2012)concludes as follows: "It is time for the great majority in the middle ground to make their voice heard so we never again expose a woman to the barbarisms that ended Savita Halappenavar’s life. Not only is it time to resolve outstanding legislative issues, it is time to confront zealots of all hues". The editorial writer does not have access to the full facts. Yet he/she is not slow to use emotional language attacking the "barbarisms" that ALLEGEDLY ended Savita's life. It seems the writer is prejudging the outcomes of investigations into the tragedy. Ireland can do without such emotional language. Incidentally the writer might care to define the term zealot as used in relation to the pro-life movement. Perhaps he/she might care to define the term "middle ground" as used in the editorial. Finally it is important to reiterate that Irish prolife groups support the principle that every woman with a serious physical illness is entitled to all treatment necessary to save her life even if the child unintentionally dies in the course of the treatment.There is no zealotry there.

The editorial writer of the Irish Examiner might care to view the following:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Apparition to Medjugorje Visionary Vicka - Potenza Picena (Ancona, Italy) on November 10, 2012

Very Important Messages from the Madonna

Medjugorje visionary Vicka's public apparition at the Shrine of Saint Girio near Potenza Picena, Italy, on Saturday remained a well-kept secret. Nevertheless 500 people turned up. Vicka arrived around 4pm, when the worship was already in progress and was greeted with spontaneous applause. She was accompanied by her husband Mario and Sister Kornelija. Shortly before 5pm the priest gave the benediction, then another led the Holy Rosary. Vicka was invited to conduct the third decade, which started in Croatian as usual. At 5:40pm the apparition commenced preceeded by the usual "loud" kneeling, as can be seen from the video. Her ecstasy lasted just over 12 minutes. At the end of the apparition, Vicka prayed the Croatian part of the first 10 Hail Marys. The congregation continued in Italian. She then turned to those present for her testimony, with the help of a translator.

Vicka gave a long introduction to prayer, emphasizing the Madonna's insistence on inviting her children to pray with an open heart, and above all to renew prayer in the family. In particular she showed a "practical way" to those present on how to begin to pray ie always to start FIRST with the Our ​​Father, to free the mind from all of our thoughts (and therefore better orient in a spirit of prayer), then adding the day after a Hail Mary, the next day still the Glory because it is right to give glory to our Father who is in heaven, as she pointed out. Then she continued with the usual example of the plant which grows well if watered with a few drops of water every day. Similarly with prayer. It is essential to nourish the soul.

She said Our Lady invites us to pray every day the Glorious mysteries, the Joyful mysteries and the sorrowful mysteries of the Rosary. Some people pray the Luminous mysteries as well. Vicka named explicitly several times Satan (as Our Lady has in her messages) and stressed clearly that the MOST powerful weapon we have against him is the Holy Rosary. She also talked about her experience of visiting Paradise, Purgatory and Hell with Jakov, but this time it seemed as if the emphasis was in particular on the importance of praying for the souls in purgatory, for which ONLY WE can do something.

My summary and translation of report in Italian by Marco MDJ Piagentini

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Medjugorje Visionary Marija Pavolovic-Lunetti to speak at Notre Dame

The South Bend Tribune carries the following report:
Marija Pavolovic-Lunetti, who is believed by many Roman Catholics to receive apparitions of the Virgin Mary, will be speaking Thursday at the University of Notre Dame. Pavolovic-Lunetti is one of the six "Visionaries," believed to have first received her apparitions in Medjugorje, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The events surrounding Medjugorje have not been officially endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican is currently investigating, and is expected to report its results early next year. Deacon Brian Miller of St. Anthony de Padua Catholic Church in South Bend, who has been to Medjugorje four times, said that he does not see the lack of the Vatican's approval as disapproval.
Continue reading at South Bend Tribune

Video:Hilarious Celtic fan commentary of Celtic 2 Barcelona 1

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Columbus Ohio: Huge, extended roar for Mitt and Ann Romney

Via Twitchy Sarah Huisenga @SarahH_CBSNJ Huge, extended roar for Mitt and Ann in Columbus as Born Free blasts: Twitter

Obama's hometown newspaper the Daily Herald endorses Mitt Romney

Obama's hometown newspaper, that backed him in 2008, now endorses Mitt Romney. It endorses Romney with the following:
A moderate Republican Mitt Romney offers a new approach to what we all can embrace — the politics of hope, of working together for the common good. This time, we believe he offers the best hope for all Americans. Mitt Romney for president.
Full endorsement article may be accessed HERE

Video:Obama's Agenda: The Real War on Women (TV AD)

Message from Mitt Romney-A Better America Begins Tomorrow

A Better America Begins Tomorrow Mitt Romney Posted 11.05.12

Tomorrow is Election Day. These last few months, I've watched our campaign become a nationwide movement. It’s not just the size of the crowds -- it’s the depth of our shared conviction, the readiness for new possibilities, and the belief that we can do better than we’ve done these past four years. I am asking for your vote tomorrow -- because it matters for your family and our country’s future.

Throughout my life, I’ve led turnarounds of every kind. I pledge that Paul Ryan and I will bring real change to America from Day One. We have a plan that will deliver a real recovery. Our children will graduate into exciting careers that are worthy of their qualifications. Our seniors will be confident that their retirement is secure. Americans will have good jobs, good pay, and good benefits. Our veterans will come home to a bright future. We will have confidence that our lives are safe and our livelihoods are secure. If you are ready for that kind of change -- if you want this to be a turning point in America's course -- join us and vote Tuesday for the kind of leadership that these times demand.

This is the most important election of our lifetime -- and every vote counts. If you have any questions about where to vote, please visit here. We have to win this for America -- and with your vote, we will. We are hours away from the better future America deserves. Thank you,

Monday, November 5, 2012

US Elections-Video: Listen to Mother Teresa on Abortion -Vote Accordingly

"The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion." That's what voters need to hear as they consider the issues and go to the polls. And who better to tell them than Mother Teresa of Calcutta? You will see and hear Mother Teresa say that. And the best thing is that she is saying it in the presence of the President and Vice-President of the United States! This clip was from her speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994.

Video:Janet Porter's Top 5 Reasons Obama Should Not Be Re-elected

Ohio:Cleveland Rocks for Mitt Romney

(Click on image to enlarge)
(Via Zac Moffat)

Pennsylvania: 30,000+ Rally for Romney November 4, 2012

(Click on images to enlarge)

Via Breitbart

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Madonna of Medjugorje and the Italian Showgirl Carmen Russo Who Is Pregnant With Her First Baby at Age 53

53 year old Italian showgirl Carmen Russo announced in October that she and her 63 year old husband Enzo Paolo are expecting a baby and that she is in the fourth month of pregnancy". The baby is due in March. The announcement was made in the magazine 'Chi'. "I know, I'm 53 but what's wrong with that? This child is a gift of God. In December we were desperate and we went to Medjugorje . Here we asked for a miracle though you should never ask. But we prayed. The Madonna has listened to our prayers.

She said that they had spent the last year trying to have a baby but were unsuccessful until July, when they received the great news. She said that she had always wanted to be a mother. Carmen Russo said that as a baby would not come naturally she had to resort to in-vitro fertilization. She said that they did not know the sex of the baby. The couple are both very religious and say that male or female, they will name their child after the saint to which they are both devoted. She said her only regret was that she did not have a child ten years ago. "It may be pointed out that my son will be only 18 years old when I will be over 70 but who cares". She said that she wanted this child with her whole being. "I will honestly do my best to live as long as possible, as long as I have air in my lungs."

Friday, November 2, 2012

Barack Obama's Radical Pro Abortion Record-5 Key Points

Lila Rose Live Action Advocate has issued the following Press Release:

1) President Obama voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act FOUR times, horrifyingly voting against protecting babies who survived abortion and voting in favor of leaving them to die -- a vote against this legislation was a vote for infanticide. [Source]

2) On his third day in office, President Obama repealed the pro-life "Mexico City Policy". By doing this, President Obama made groups that perform and promote abortion eligible for U.S. foreign aid funds. [Source]

3) Planned Parenthood's funding jumped from 33% to nearly 50% -- over $487 million in taxpayer funding now goes to the abortion giant (under Obama and his administration). This is almost half a billion dollars that American families are forced to pay in tax dollars to the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. [Source]

4) President Obama refused to sign an emergency budget, putting funding the military at risk, until Planned Parenthood funding was included in the budget. This was following Live Action's Sex Trafficking investigation, showing Planned Parenthood aiding and abetting the sex traffickers of underage girls. [Source]

5) The President has pushed for his 'pet legislation', The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), which would help fund 'community health centers' (Planned Parenthood is their prime target). Additionally, the HHS mandate would force all Americans to fund abortion and contraception, with no exceptions for religious institutions nor religious individuals who are vehemently against abortion and contaception. [Source]

Please continue to engage your friends and family, and encourage them to vote for life. Nothing is more fundamental to a society than the right to life. Life must come first when casting our ballot on Tuesday November 6th. Have you pledged to Vote for Life? Make your voice heard and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Every voice can make a difference... and every vote counts. Thank you for all that you do to protect the unborn and for standing up for liberty and justice for all.

And please join me in praying for this historic election and our nation.
For Life,
Lila Rose
Live Action P.S. Please FORWARD to 5 friends. You could make a difference!

Peoria Bishop Daniel Jenky Attacks Obama and other Pro-Abortion Politicians

Joining the chorus of Roman Catholic clergy in Illinois criticizing President Barack Obama before next week’s election, Peoria Bishop Daniel Jenky ordered priests to read a letter to parishioners on Sunday before the presidential election, explaining that politicians who support abortion rights also reject Jesus. ......“Today, Catholic politicians, bureaucrats, and their electoral supporters who callously enable the destruction of innocent human life in the womb also thereby reject Jesus as their Lord,” Jenky added. “They are objectively guilty of grave sin.”
The full report is available at Chicago Tribune

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inspiring Sermon by Fr. Sammie Maletta: What Catholics Believe (Defense of Religious Liberty and Truths of the Faith)

Fr.Sammie Maletta delivers a defense of Religious Liberty and truths of our faith in his homily on October 7, 2012. This should be compulsive listening for Joe Biden who claims to be a Catholic but has supported the most liberal pro-abortion president of all time-thereby excommunicating himself. There is NOTHING more fundamental than the right to life. It even trumps social justice Mr. Biden. This MUST be the clincher when it comes to a decision on how to vote. Over 50 million unborn babies have been slaughtered since Roe V Wade. Yet Biden wants to turn a blind eye. 6 million Jews were murdered by Hitler. What are we to call the murder of 50 million unborn babies? Without life there is nothing. There is a hierarchy of moral values which must govern our vote. In addition Joe Biden supports the HHS Mandate. Indeed many Protestants are vehemently opposed to the HHS Mandate also. The Obama/Biden combination has turned its back on Christianity. Catholics are obligated not to vote for pro-abortion candidates. Is Joe Biden listening?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

US Elections- Abortion: Questions you should ask candidates before you cast a vote

From 15.30 onwards in the video we find how important is is to have a pro-life president. Presidents can sign or veto legislation. So a pro-abortion president can stop a pro-life bill from Congress. A pro-life president can stop a pro-abortion bill from Congress. Pro-abortion presidents such as Barack Obama nominate pro-abortion judges. Presidents nominate Supreme Court justices and judges at the Federal level who will remain at their posts long after a president is gone. On average a president can name 175 judges in a four year term. The re-election of Obama would have horrific consequences for the unborn as hundreds of new pro-abortion judges would be in place for many years.

The president issues executive orders. He submits the budget to Congress. The president can promote abortion overseas. The Obama administration has funded a massive expansion in abortion in parts of Africa and elsewhere. The president appoints 7000 people to posts in the White House, Federal Departments, agencies and advisory panels. These people wield a lot of power. One example is the Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius who is strongly pro-abortion. In short presidents wield huge power on the abortion issue. The re-election of Barack Obama would result in a sustained attack on the unborn. Period!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video:Planned Parenthood Exposed Lying About Abortion Dangers

Learn more and pledge to vote for life at:

Lila Rose: "As President Obama campaigns for women voters, one of his top donors and champions, Planned Parenthood, is deceiving millions of American women about the services they provide, their history of abuse cover up, their radical abortion agenda, and just this past July, their unsafe and abusive practices that led to the death of Tonya Reaves, a 24-year-old Chicago woman."

Washington, DC -- A new Live Action Advocate undercover investigation catches Planned Parenthood, the nation's biggest abortion business, lying about recent medical emergencies at its abortion clinics and claiming no women have been hurt there.
The Live Action Advocate video released today also reminds the public about the close political ties between President Obama and Planned Parenthood, which receives almost half a billion dollars a year in government money. Just last week, the Obama campaign released a video aimed at women voters featuring Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards.

As President Obama campaigns for women voters, one of his top donors and champions, Planned Parenthood, is deceiving millions of American women about the services they provide, their history of abuse cover up, their radical abortion agenda, and just this past July, their unsafe and abusive practices that led to the death of Tonya Reaves, a 24-year-old Chicago woman."

Live Action investigators called Planned Parenthood abortion clinics with recent cases of medical emergencies and botched abortions in 7 different states asking if Planned Parenthood's abortion practice was safe and if women had ever been hurt at the clinics. Not a single Planned Parenthood abortion clinic acknowledged the recent injuries of women.

See the video in this post.

When a caller asks Planned Parenthood's Birmingham, AL, abortion clinic if when women get abortions at the clinic, "They're not in danger, they don't get, like, injured?" Planned Parenthood responds, "No ma'am, we don't have any type of procedure where a woman would receive an injury." While the Birmingham Planned Parenthood clinic botched a woman's abortion in 2010 while it was on probation from the Alabama Department of Health.

"Our investigation exposes not only how unsafe Planned Parenthood clinics can be for women, but also how dishonest and untrustworthy Planned Parenthood is to the very women it claims to defend," says Rose. "How shameful that two months after their clinic botched an abortion that took the life of 24-year old Tonya Reaves and her pre-born baby, Planned Parenthood lies to the public and pretends nothing happened. When it comes to the lethal dangers of its billion-dollar abortion business, no lie is too audacious for Planned Parenthood."

"Planned Parenthood continues to engage practices that hurt women and young girls, all while billing themselves as the guardians of women's health," says Rose. "Our investigation proves that Planned Parenthood has little regard for the safety concerns of its 'patients' and continues to lie and mislead the public about the dangers of abortion."

Live Action has exposed numerous and ongoing illegal, unethical and abusive activities by Planned Parenthood, including aiding and abetting child sex trafficking, sex- and race-based abortion, and covering up the sexual abuse of underage girls. Planned Parenthood received close to half a billion dollars in taxpayer money and performed over 329,000 abortions in the last reported year.

Live Action Advocate is a 501c4 dedicated to advocacy for the most defenseless, especially those who become the victims of abortion and other human rights abuses. To make a donation or for more information, go to

For further information, please contact Peter Robbio or Kelley Hudak (703) 683-5004 x116 or (703) 683-5004 x125.

US Elections: Video-How Should A Catholic Vote?

Dr. Mark Miravalle outlines the hierarchy of moral values as taught by our Catholic faith and discusses their relevance regarding some very important issues effected by the upcoming 2012 US elections. The abortion issue has been sidestepped by many Catholics including some radical nuns.This is a cop out.The right to life is preeminent.Without life there is nothing.Supporting the right to life is the number one consideration.To ask questions regarding Mary, email Dr Mark Miravalle:

Sal Solo sings San Damiano: Beautiful Religious Song

San Damiano is a church with a monastery near Assisi, Italy. It was the first monastery of the Order of Saint Clare, where Saint Clare built her community. Perhaps one of the most significant aspects regarding the church as well was Saint Francis' encounter with Christ. He had been praying at San Damiano which at the time was a very run down building. Saint Francis saw the figure of Christ crucified come alive and say to him, "Francis, don't you see my house is crumbling apart? Go, then, and restore it!" Afterwards Saint Francis took action to repair San Damiano, although he eventually realized that God's message to him was to restore the Church as a whole rather than literally repair churches such as San Damiano. The cross from which Christ spoke to Saint Francis is known as the San Damiano cross. It currently hangs in the Basilica di Santa Chiara (Basilica of Saint Clare) in Assisi (Source:Wikipedia).

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Blessed Virgin: Pray the Rosary And Fast To Avert War

Divorce, alcoholism and drug abuse, crime, natural disasters, and wars and rumors of war plague us daily. These issues are not just for political consideration. There is another answer. On May 13, 1917, Mary, the Blessed Mother of Jesus appeared in Fatima and said to three children – Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia - “Pray the Rosary daily for peace.” She has appeared to many visionaries across the world repeating the same message. In Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, during an apparition She appeared to a girl, Mirjana, and said, “You have forgotten that through prayer and fasting you can avert wars and suspend the laws of nature."
Continue reading HERE

Video:Medjugorje: A Christmas Story Part 1,2,3,4

Pilgrims see a vision of Our Lady in part one.