Saturday, October 27, 2012

US Elections- Abortion: Questions you should ask candidates before you cast a vote

From 15.30 onwards in the video we find how important is is to have a pro-life president. Presidents can sign or veto legislation. So a pro-abortion president can stop a pro-life bill from Congress. A pro-life president can stop a pro-abortion bill from Congress. Pro-abortion presidents such as Barack Obama nominate pro-abortion judges. Presidents nominate Supreme Court justices and judges at the Federal level who will remain at their posts long after a president is gone. On average a president can name 175 judges in a four year term. The re-election of Obama would have horrific consequences for the unborn as hundreds of new pro-abortion judges would be in place for many years.

The president issues executive orders. He submits the budget to Congress. The president can promote abortion overseas. The Obama administration has funded a massive expansion in abortion in parts of Africa and elsewhere. The president appoints 7000 people to posts in the White House, Federal Departments, agencies and advisory panels. These people wield a lot of power. One example is the Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius who is strongly pro-abortion. In short presidents wield huge power on the abortion issue. The re-election of Barack Obama would result in a sustained attack on the unborn. Period!

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