Thursday, October 11, 2012

Belfast Northern Ireland: Marie Stopes Abortion clinic opens

A Marie Stopes clinic is to open in Northern Ireland and will perform abortions on women up to nine weeks pregnant. It is the first private health centre offering abortion on the island of Ireland. Up to now Northern Ireland -though part of the UK- had escaped the plague of abortion except on a very minor scale.In the last six years there had been 250 abortions under the National Health Service. Northern Ireland is now about to accept the culture of death. Pro-life groups are outraged and will fight this tooth and nail.

Bernadette Smith, of Precious Life in a statement said "I am absolutely outraged. An organisation which is making profits from the death of unborn children is not welcome in Northern Ireland," said Ms Smith. "There will be an outcry from the people, from government and from the churches." Marie Stopes was a racist and a eugenicist and had strong anti Semitic tendencies. To use the name Marie on an abortion clinic is an insult to the Mother of God. Mary gave birth to Jesus. Its now time for the politicians to stand up and be counted irrespective of political affiliation. The right to life trumps all. This clinic must be closed. Future generations will curse us if we do not stand up and be counted.

It is particularly interesting to listen to the liberals in Northern Ireland as they seek to defend the slaughter of the innocents. They have adopted a policy which involves the demonisation of pro-life supporters. Of course this is nothing new. It is the approach employed by the anti life fanatics throughout the world. Pro- abortion supporters today are busy labeling pro-life supporters as "extremists", "right wing fanatics" and "right wing nuts". They have highjacked the English language and turned it on its head. They use sanitised language to disguise the barbarity of abortion. They refer to themselves as "pro-choice". They seek to give the right to kill an unborn child equal weight with the right to life. They seek to make normal what is abnormal, unnatural and against the Law of God. They are busy proclaiming "womens' rights". As far as they are concerned a woman has the right to do what she likes with her own body. The unborn baby is never mentioned. His /her right to life is ignored by the pseudo liberals. In fact pro- abortion supporters are anti life extremists and outside the main stream. How can it be normal for a woman to facilitate the killing of an unborn child?

Abortion is wrong because it is the deliberate killing of the unborn child. Even if a state legalises abortion it is not moral. For anybody who doubts the reality of abortion just google live abortion and look at a video on youtube. Abortion is the ultimate in depravity. What has become of the fifth commandment? Thou shall not kill. “I notice that all of the people who support abortion are already born.” ― Ronald Reagan

The abortion agencies have the whole island of Ireland in their sights. They are targeting the Republic of Ireland where abortion is illegal. Pro-life agencies have been busy preparing the ground for the forthcoming battle. Hopefully they are successful.

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