Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Inspiring Sermon by Fr. Sammie Maletta: What Catholics Believe (Defense of Religious Liberty and Truths of the Faith)

Fr.Sammie Maletta delivers a defense of Religious Liberty and truths of our faith in his homily on October 7, 2012. This should be compulsive listening for Joe Biden who claims to be a Catholic but has supported the most liberal pro-abortion president of all time-thereby excommunicating himself. There is NOTHING more fundamental than the right to life. It even trumps social justice Mr. Biden. This MUST be the clincher when it comes to a decision on how to vote. Over 50 million unborn babies have been slaughtered since Roe V Wade. Yet Biden wants to turn a blind eye. 6 million Jews were murdered by Hitler. What are we to call the murder of 50 million unborn babies? Without life there is nothing. There is a hierarchy of moral values which must govern our vote. In addition Joe Biden supports the HHS Mandate. Indeed many Protestants are vehemently opposed to the HHS Mandate also. The Obama/Biden combination has turned its back on Christianity. Catholics are obligated not to vote for pro-abortion candidates. Is Joe Biden listening?

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