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St Gemma Galgani Prayer-Fire! Fire in my heart

"Fire! Fire in my heart!
This morning it is burning......
Dear Jesus, I love you so much!
I shall endeavor always to love You;
I shall live to love You;
I shall die to love You! ....
Give me wings oh Jesus, so I can fly to Your throne! ...."
"Can You see that as soon as the day breaks I think of You?
As evening comes, I am near You.....
I am near You at every moment....
I love You, Jesus....."
"Jesus is the owner of my heart,
and belonging to Him I find that I can smile,
even in the midst of tears."
-St Gemma Galgani

Monday, September 24, 2012

London 2012 Olympics: Athletes Thank God in an explosion of religious faith

Prohibited in workplaces and public places under British law religious symbols were nevertheless worn with pride during the Olympics. From the sign of the cross of Jamaican runner Usain Bolt ( invited to the Vatican for next April) to Victoria Douglas who praised God in an interview with NBC: many athletes, before or after the races, sought strength and courage in prayer- with a gesture, an image, a witness. Faith has certainly won this edition of the Olympics. Irish Olympic gold medal winner boxer Katie Taylor publicaly thanked God for her victory. Indeed she thanked God after all her fights.

While Shaherkani Wojdan,Saudi Arabia, was the first participant in the games wearing the veil during the 82 seconds of Olympic wrestling, for 27 year old Carlos Ballvé-a Spanish hockey player this was the last Olympics before joining the priesthood. In 2005, during the World Cup under-21 hockey competition, the athlete had become aware of the importance of God in his life, following a trip to Medjugorje. After hearing the Lord's call, Carlos made ​​a wish to God: "Let me make my dream of participating in the Olympic Games" . So, he continued to train with his team as he began his studies at the seminary.

The team of Brazilian volleyball players together with the entire coaching staff, knelt to pray together an emotional "Our Father", after winning the gold medal. Meseret Defar of Ethiopia having crossed the finish line in the 5,000 meters race to win the gold, showed the image of the Virgin Mary pulled out of her shirt. Numerous other examples deserve mention. The coach of the Brazilian national volleyball team Jose Roberto Guimaraes told reporters that he was ready to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain whilst Leonel "Leo" Manzano who won a silver medal for the United States in the 1500 meters after crossing the finish line fell down on the track to pray and thank God. The Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte has offered the two silver medals won (800 meters freestyle and 200m butterfly) to Our Lady of Montserrat.

Indeed this was not confined to the Olympics. In 2011 Alex Giorgetti a member of the Italian national men's water polo team which won the world championships in the same year visited Medjugorje. Young Alex had meeting first with Fr. Miljenko Šteko, the Head of the Information Office in Medjugorje and gave him the water polo ball signed by all of the players of Italian team. He later shared his life experience with a journalist of Radio Station “Mir” Medjugorje. He spoke about the conversion that he experienced when he met Jesus and Mary and is very happy after having completely changed his life. He had lived without prayer and sacraments before his conversion: "Since Italy had not won the world championship since 1994 I decided that if we had a good result I would come to Medjugorje to thank Jesus for that. Well, we have not only become world champions, but I was also awarded as the best player in the league. That's why I decided to come and thank Jesus and Our Lady for all the graces He has given me. I climbed the Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain barefoot and it was a really nice experience for me. I feel happy and satisfied and can not wait to return to Italy to witness the beauty of this place." Returning to God was his greatest victory.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Video: Obama and Planned Parenthood War on Women

President Barack Obama has come out against a ban on sex selective abortions. Barack Obama on four occasions as a state senator in Illinois voted for partial birth abortion. This is the real war on women not the imaginary war spoken about by Barack Obama and Sandra Fluke. Planned Parenthood was criminally negligent when they left Tonya Reaves bleeding in their facility for more than five hours after an abortion. Unfortunately Tonya died. This video exposes Planned Parenthood for the murder machine that it is. It kills over 300,000 unborn children annually .

Monday, September 17, 2012

Spectacular Rand Paul Pro-life Pro God Pro Peace speech at the 2012 Value Voter Summit

"I'm not a pacifist, but I do think it's unacceptable not to hate war. I'm dismissive of those who champion war as sport, and show no reluctance to engage in war. Any leader who shows eagerness for war should not be leading any nation. Truly great leaders are reluctant to go to war and try mightily not to go to war. Though I detest violence, I could kill someone who injured or threatened my family. Though I hate war, I could commit a nation to war. But I could only do so reluctantly, and constitutionally, and after great deliberation. I believe that, although some find this a contradiction of terms, there is such a thing as a Christian or a just theory of war. A just war is a war of self-defense. At the same time, I am conflicted because I don't believe Jesus would have killed anyone or condoned killing even in self-defense. I'm conflicted.
The coarsening of our culture toward violent death has more consequences than even violent war. Tragically, this same culture has led to the death of 50 million unborn children in the last 40 years. I don't think a civilization can endure that does not have respect for all human life, born and unborn. We have many problems in this country to solve, but I believe there will come a time when we are all judged on whether or not we took a stand to defend all life, from the moment of conception until our last natural breath.... I will always take a stand for life. Though I believe in limited powers for the federal government, primary among these powers is the protection of life. The government cannot protect liberty if it does not first protect life....
The First Amendment is here to keep government out of religion, not to keep religious people out of government.... There's a crisis in our country and it's not just a fiscal crisis. I think it's a moral crisis. I think it's a spiritual crisis. I don't think the answer is in any politician. I don't think the answer is in any particular law. I think the answer is that we need to somehow find our way back to God, and I think we find that way by taking the time to reflect on what the important things in life really are. I hope we will find that, I hope we will reflect, and I hope we will find spiritual renewal as a country."
-Senator Rand Paul

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Videos: Abortion Survivor Melissa Ohden Tells Her Full Story

Melissa's moving account of how she learned the truth about her birth, how she struggled to accept the truth, and how she ultimately became a leader for Life.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

June Keithley Castro Medjugorje Conversion:Amazing story

Sadly this article has not got the prominence it deserves. To anybody who doubts the authenticity of Medjugorje please read the following truly amazing story in its ENTIRETY (Do not stop half way down through the article). It is by June Keithley Castro of the Philippine Daily Inquirer:
I debated with myself about writing this, as in this “trending” age, many skeptical comments will make their way to Facebook or Twitter. But ultimately, I decided that what people thought of me wasn’t important. This week the Church celebrates what it believes to be the birthday of Mama Mary, and what better gift can I give her than to share the story of my conversion? Since the news of my illness came out, a number of people who had come to visit me kept asking why I had become such a passionate Marian devotee. I have kept silent about this for almost 20 years, as I felt that there was so much more to say about the messages and history of Marian apparitions, and that what happened to me wasn’t important. But everything happens for a reason, and as Our Lady said, “What good is it if I keep coming to visit you and give you messages if you only hide these away in a drawer?” My illness made me realize that we must make use of whatever time we have left to continue to serve. My conversion started in Medjugorje, and continues to this day. Continue reading HERE. Make sure to read the story in its entirety.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

National Conference on Medjugorje Moving Video-A MUST WATCH

Christine Watkins, MTS, MSW, was a professional ballet dancer with the San Francisco Ballet and an avowed atheist, lost in the New Age, before her miraculous conversion to Catholicism, which saved her life. She is now a well-known speaker for the Catholic faith, and the author of Full of Grace: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Conversion through Mary's Intercession, who ministers to the Church as extended hands for Our Lady of Medjugorje. Listen to her testimony at the 2012 Medjugorje Conference at the University of Notre Dame.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Video: Apparition to Mirjana at Medjugorje September 2, 2012 .

Message to Mirjana

“Dear children, as my eyes are looking at you, my soul is seeking those souls with whom it desires to be one – the souls who have understood the importance of prayer for those of my children who have not come to know the love of the Heavenly Father. I am calling you because I need you. Accept the mission and do not be afraid, I will strengthen you. I will fill you with my graces. With my love I will protect you from the evil spirit. I will be with you. With my presence I will console you in difficult moments. Thank you for your open hearts. Pray for priests. Pray that the unity between my Son and them may be all the stronger, that they may be one. Thank you. ”

Thanks to the Madonna of Medjugorje Denise Pucci has been cured of Crohn's Disease

Thanks to the Madonna Denise Pucci has been cured of Crohn's Disease after years of useless therapies. She is 16 years old and lives in the Massa-Carrara province. Last August the town of Gragnana dedicated a celebration to her. Her recovery is believed to have occurred after her meeting with Father Beppino Cò, the parish priest of the Valleys of Zeri, who is the spiritual guide of the faithful followers of the Catholic Renovation movement. The parents of the little girl ascribe the new “life” of their daughter to faith.

After having abandoned the Church and starting to frequent some “bad companions”, the young girl started to have stomach and intestinal pains at the end of 2010. After tests and examinations she was diagnosed with an acute form of Crohn’s Disease, a chronic autoimmune illness. She was admitted to the hospital in Carrara, taking 10 pills a day in an attempt to stop the chronic diarrhea which the disease involves. “I returned to faith, going to Medjugorje with my mother. There I understood the road I had to follow and upon my return to Carrara I started the spiritual dialogue with Father Beppino”, confided Denise.

The miraculous Madonna of Medjugorje

Father Beppino told her “It is a disease resulting from an evil spell, which only a return to faith could remedy”. A journey of prayer at the Pietralba retreat in the Bolzano area last July would culminate in the prodigy of the cure. “During the invocation to the parish priest” the girl recounted, “the Madonna appeared, dressed as a farmer girl carrying a scythe, reassuring him of my well-being. She would cut my disease at its root with that instrument, freeing me from its demonic influence.” That evening itself, surrounded by the other faithful, Denise emitted “a white liquid” from her mouth. A few days later she was better and the laboratory analyses showed the disappearance of the of the disease a week later. A fact which was defined as “mysterious” by the doctors.

According to Denise, her family and Father Beppino Cò, it was an experience to be ascribed to her refound faith. Whether miracle or chance, a 16 year old has returned to a new life. And this is the only certain thing.(

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Special Medjugorje Pilgrimage in Fiat 500 cars by 17 members of Taranto Fiat club

The Fiat 500 is a car produced by the Fiat company of Italy between 1957 and 1975, with limited production of the Fiat 500 K estate continuing until 1977. Recently there was a very special pilgrimage to Medjugorje when a group of 17 Italians arrived in old Fiat 500 cars. They created a stir when they parked in front of the Hotel Herceg. The inspiration for the trip came when one of the club members had a dream. In this dream the Blessed Virgin suggested a trip to Medjugorje. The man told his friends so the Fiat tarantino club organised the trip with his beloved Fiat 500 car. ( Hundreds of thousands of Italians travel to Medjugorje each year.

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Medjugorje Brush Fires September 1, 2012

(Image via Medjugorje webcam )

(Image via Medjugorje Forum)
Brush fires between Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain are heading in the direction of Medjugorje.

Fires Stop