Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thanks to the Madonna of Medjugorje Denise Pucci has been cured of Crohn's Disease

Thanks to the Madonna Denise Pucci has been cured of Crohn's Disease after years of useless therapies. She is 16 years old and lives in the Massa-Carrara province. Last August the town of Gragnana dedicated a celebration to her. Her recovery is believed to have occurred after her meeting with Father Beppino Cò, the parish priest of the Valleys of Zeri, who is the spiritual guide of the faithful followers of the Catholic Renovation movement. The parents of the little girl ascribe the new “life” of their daughter to faith.

After having abandoned the Church and starting to frequent some “bad companions”, the young girl started to have stomach and intestinal pains at the end of 2010. After tests and examinations she was diagnosed with an acute form of Crohn’s Disease, a chronic autoimmune illness. She was admitted to the hospital in Carrara, taking 10 pills a day in an attempt to stop the chronic diarrhea which the disease involves. “I returned to faith, going to Medjugorje with my mother. There I understood the road I had to follow and upon my return to Carrara I started the spiritual dialogue with Father Beppino”, confided Denise.

The miraculous Madonna of Medjugorje

Father Beppino told her “It is a disease resulting from an evil spell, which only a return to faith could remedy”. A journey of prayer at the Pietralba retreat in the Bolzano area last July would culminate in the prodigy of the cure. “During the invocation to the parish priest” the girl recounted, “the Madonna appeared, dressed as a farmer girl carrying a scythe, reassuring him of my well-being. She would cut my disease at its root with that instrument, freeing me from its demonic influence.” That evening itself, surrounded by the other faithful, Denise emitted “a white liquid” from her mouth. A few days later she was better and the laboratory analyses showed the disappearance of the of the disease a week later. A fact which was defined as “mysterious” by the doctors.

According to Denise, her family and Father Beppino Cò, it was an experience to be ascribed to her refound faith. Whether miracle or chance, a 16 year old has returned to a new life. And this is the only certain thing.(Affaritaliani.it)

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