Friday, November 2, 2012

Barack Obama's Radical Pro Abortion Record-5 Key Points

Lila Rose Live Action Advocate has issued the following Press Release:

1) President Obama voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act FOUR times, horrifyingly voting against protecting babies who survived abortion and voting in favor of leaving them to die -- a vote against this legislation was a vote for infanticide. [Source]

2) On his third day in office, President Obama repealed the pro-life "Mexico City Policy". By doing this, President Obama made groups that perform and promote abortion eligible for U.S. foreign aid funds. [Source]

3) Planned Parenthood's funding jumped from 33% to nearly 50% -- over $487 million in taxpayer funding now goes to the abortion giant (under Obama and his administration). This is almost half a billion dollars that American families are forced to pay in tax dollars to the nation's largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. [Source]

4) President Obama refused to sign an emergency budget, putting funding the military at risk, until Planned Parenthood funding was included in the budget. This was following Live Action's Sex Trafficking investigation, showing Planned Parenthood aiding and abetting the sex traffickers of underage girls. [Source]

5) The President has pushed for his 'pet legislation', The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), which would help fund 'community health centers' (Planned Parenthood is their prime target). Additionally, the HHS mandate would force all Americans to fund abortion and contraception, with no exceptions for religious institutions nor religious individuals who are vehemently against abortion and contaception. [Source]

Please continue to engage your friends and family, and encourage them to vote for life. Nothing is more fundamental to a society than the right to life. Life must come first when casting our ballot on Tuesday November 6th. Have you pledged to Vote for Life? Make your voice heard and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Every voice can make a difference... and every vote counts. Thank you for all that you do to protect the unborn and for standing up for liberty and justice for all.

And please join me in praying for this historic election and our nation.
For Life,
Lila Rose
Live Action P.S. Please FORWARD to 5 friends. You could make a difference!

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