Thursday, November 29, 2012

A New Medjugorje Book titled “Medjugorje: what it means to me”

Louise Hall's new book is titled “Medjugorje:what it means to me”
The book which is published by Columba Press is a collection of testimonies from Irish people about what the village of Medjugorje means to them. Some well known contributors include Mary Kennedy (RTE), Liam Lawton (singer/composer), Daniel O’Donnell (singer) and Shaun Doherty (Highland radio). The village of Medjugorje has seen over 40 million visitors pass through since 1981 when the alleged apparitions first began and the small farming hamlet continues to attract people from all religions across the world.

The deeply personal stories detail how they first came to find out about Medjugorje, what inspired them to travel there, their experiences whilst there and the impact it has had and still has on their lives today.

Fr Svet provides a foreword for the book; an extract appears below: “This book is a continuation of the biblical stories in our time. In Medjugorje:what it means to me we see the drama of Christ coming to his people as it happens in our time; before our very eyes.” This book would make a wonderful Christmas present. It can be purchased online at Columba

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