Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ireland: Reilly, Shatter and FG have NO Mandate to legalise abortion for suicide threat.

Now that the expert group on abortion has reported it is apparent that the government intends to push though suicide as a grounds for abortion. This is outrageous. A letter of comfort from Phil Hogan in the course of the 2011 general election campaign declared that FG was opposed to the legalisation of abortion. Any decision by the government to include suicide as grounds for abortion is contrary to FG pledges in the course of the 2011 general election campaign. In addition it is immoral. It amounts to the legalization of the murder of unborn children and would be open to widespread abuse as any woman seeking an abortion could feign a threat of suicide. In short it would amount to the introduction of a liberal abortion regime.

Quite frankly it is about time Enda Kenny acted as a leader and reined in the Minister for Health James Reilly who appears to have carte blanche to do as he likes. Likewise Alan Shatter seems to have no regard for the life of the unborn.. He has said that that suicide must be grounds for abortion. Wake up Mr Shatter. A perfectly viable child of a eight month pregnant suicidal mother could be aborted. That is cold blooded murder. Is Shatter suggesting that a child one month after birth should be killed because the mother is suicidal? Is Shatter for real? Promises mean nothing to Reilly and Shatter. Reilly and Shatter are bull headed and truculent. It is about time for rank and file FG members to stand up to these bullies who wish to deny freedom of conscience to TDs.

Back benchers stand up and be counted. Shout stop in time!!! Do not bend to the threats of disciplinary action from Kenny or Varadkar. There is strength in numbers. The leadership is powerless when confronted by large numbers. It is well known that at least twenty back benchers have grave misgivings. Kenny cannot expel a large number of dissidents. The backbenchers outnumber the ministers and Ministers for State who favour the suicide option. Ultimately they are the bosses as they have the numbers to cry halt. Stand up for the unborn. Stand up for the traditions of a Christian Democratic Party. You are entitled to freedom of conscience. Block the suicide option. Scuttle this insane proposal. If the Labour Party wishes to walk out on this issue so be it. It will face wipe out in any snap general election. We did not vote for Labour's pro abortion policies. Labour will become an urban half party. If Kenny and Reilly and Shatter fail to listen REPLACE them. Otherwise face wipe out in rural constituencies. If Kenny and Reilly are not prepared to listen vote if necessary against the party whip on this issue. The arrogance of Shatter and Reilly knows no bounds. They are about to destroy the FG party. Rebel and remove Kenny, Shatter and Reilly if they are unprepared to listen. They do not represent 90% of FG voters. Shatter and Reilly preach about referendums and the X-Case. Seeing as they claim to be democrats no doubt they will put their proposals to the electorate in a referendum.

Finally the arrogant Alan Shatter needs to remember that unborn babies conceived by rape exist. They are entitled to life. Why should thay be executed for the crime of their father? Its time to confront the bulldog approach of Shatter and Reilly.If Kenny cannot stand up to these two individuals the time has cone to remove him. The party needs strong leadership. FG backbenchers KILL THE SUICIDE OPTION. Remove Kenny, Shatter and Reilly if they refuse to listen. TAKE BACK YOUR PARTY from the pseudo liberals Shatter and Reilly. Their views on abortion are anathema. There is a hierarchy of values when we vote. Number ONE IS LIFE.

[My reasons not to legalise abortion in more detail at Ireland: Reasons not to legalise abortion ]

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