Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ireland: Reasons not to legalise Abortion.

The Irish pro-aborts are busy using the same tactics that were employed in the US. The plan is to introduce a liberal abortion regime. One of the battering rams being used is the threat of suicide. Completely forgotten is the fact that anybody can feign a threat of suicide. Also completely forgotten is the REALITY that the unborn baby is a human being who has a right to life. Ending its life DELIBERATELY is not the answer. There is no discussion of the horrific consequences of abortion for the mother's physical and mental health. It is now all rights and no obligations. There is nothing compassionate about DELIBERATELY killing an unborn baby. We have the "compassion brigade" telling us that -if a baby is conceived by rape or incest -the mother should have the right to abort the baby. This is immoral. An unborn baby IRRESPECTIVE of how it was conceived is a human being entitled to live. It EXISTS. Aborting the unborn baby creates two victims -mother and child. Adoption is an option. Deal with the rapist. Jail him for life. What we have got is some people trying to play God.

A seriously ill mother is entitled to all treatment necessary to save her life. The unborn baby may unintentionally die as a result of the treatment. This is perfectly moral as there is no deliberate intent to kill the baby. Abortion is a grave sin because it is the DELIBERATE targeting and killing of an unborn baby. The womb is now the most dangerous place for a baby on planet earth. What have we come to as a human race? "I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born. " ~Ronald Reagan, quoted in New York Times, 22 September 1980

Much has been made of the Supreme Court judgement in the X-Case. This was deeply flawed from a moral and scientific perspective. It would introduce a liberal abortion regime. It is the bible of the Irish pro-abortion movement. If you are "pro-choice" you are pro abortion as you are in favour of allowing a person to get rid of her own child if she so chooses. You are giving the killing of an unborn baby equal status with a decision to allow it to live. They are not two equals. Abortion is a horrific satanic act. Life is beautiful. It is good. This is the reality of abortion: An unborn child is torn to pieces. The pro aborts are endeavouring to convince us that an act which is intrinsically evil is in some way benign.

Abortion is the ultimate barbarism. An attempt is being made by the Irish anti life movement to paint abortion as something wholesome often using religious imagery such as candle light processions. It is time to spell out the reality. We are told by pro abortion supporters that "its the woman's body" and that consequently she can do whatever she likes with it. Of course this is utter nonsense. Its God's body. God is our creator. Pro-abortion secularists like Ivana Bacik and Claire Daly never mention the unborn baby. It is time to confront these extremists with the power of our arguments. We have right on our side. There is no middle ground. Deliberate killing of an unborn baby is MURDER. Liberal secularist double speak deliberately paints prolifers as extremists. It thus seeks to condition public opinion to accept the DELIBERATE killing of the unborn. I call upon The Irish government not to introduce legislation to implement the Supreme Court judgment in the X Case. It must stand for life. FG promised not to legalise abortion. It must keep its election promise to stand for life.

See especially Ireland: Reilly, Shatter and FG have NO Mandate to legalise abortion for suicide threat.

A British doctor has captured an amazing 4-D ultrasound photo of a baby yawning in the womb.Irish legislators take note.

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