Monday, December 10, 2012

Italian Politician Umberto Bossi goes to Medjugorje to find himself

Umberto Bossi was the founder of the Italian Northern League party. Religion was not very high on his agenda. If you look at the polls at the beginning of 2012 the party for the independence of the Po region of Northern Italy (The Northern League) was at 10% in the polls. Now however its support is less than 5%. A decline started between March and May, as the party became mired in scandal. That led to the resignation of the leader and founder Umberto Bossi on April 5.

Umberto Bossi has decided to entrust his future and his redemption to Medjugorje. Bossi has decided to try to escape from the corrupt world of politics paying a visit to Our Lady. Similarly Italian actress and model Sara Tommasi has visited Medjugorje in a spiritual journey to escape the evils of film. Increasingly Medjugorje is therefore the destination of many Italian'VIPs'. Today, if you want to meet some famous Italian person you no longer have to go and find some chic restaurant in the capital but rather visit Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Umberto Bossi and his wife Manuela Marrone are ready to go to climb the Hill of the Apparitions and Cross Mountain. A family friend has convinced Bossi to visit Medjugorje. The real "conversion" of the former leader of the Northern League, was already accomplished in June when Bresso Bossi took a seat in the front row to see Pope Benedict XVI. Meanwhile Sara Tommasi is ready to start out for Bosnia and Herzegovina this month of December on a second voyage in search of spirituality.

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