Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ireland- Abortion:FG Backbench TDs Rebel on SUICIDE Issue if you wish to save your seats

The decision of the Irish government today to legalise abortion on the ground of suicide is a disgrace. It means that the unborn child can be deliberately targeted and killed. A promise was given in writing by Phil Hogan the FG director of elections- before the last general election- that FG in government would not legalise abortion. I have a copy of it. Now the party leadership has sold out the unborn. I did not vote for Labour Party/Workers Party/DL policy on abortion.

If the FG backbench TDs want to save the party, they had better rebel and stand up to Reilly/Shatter/Fitzgerald/Kenny clique who are seen even by many FG supporters as out and out bullies. I concur with that. This cannot go through if the backbenchers band together as a group and make it clear they are not voting for it. FG can't kick out thirty or forty TDs. A Dublin liberal clique has highjacked the FG party aided and abetted by a weak leader. Reilly speaks about this as a victory for the women of Ireland. It is no such thing. There was no mention from him -on RTE Six One News tonight- of the right to life of the unborn child. Backbench TDs must rebel against the Kenny, Shatter, Reilly clique that is leading the party to political destruction.

Backbenchers stand up for the unborn. Stand up for the traditions of a Christian Democratic Party. You are entitled to freedom of conscience. Block the suicide option. Bury this insane proposal. If the Labour Party wishes to walk out on this issue so be it. It will face wipe out in any snap general election. We did not vote for Labour's pro abortion policies. Labour will become an urban half party. If Kenny and Reilly and Shatter fail to listen, REPLACE them. Otherwise face wipe out in rural constituencies. If Kenny, Reilly, Fitzgerald and Shatter are not prepared to listen vote if necessary against the party whip on this issue. The arrogance of Shatter and Reilly knows no bounds. They are about to destroy the FG party. Rebel and remove Kenny, Shatter, Fitzgerald and Reilly if they are unprepared to listen. They do not represent 90% of FG voters. Shatter and Reilly preach about referendums and the X-Case. Seeing as they claim to be democrats no doubt they will put their proposals to the electorate in a referendum.

Reilly speaks about consensus. He has no intention of listening to those who proclaim the right to life of the unborn. He is cunningly seeking to weaken opposition to the proposal. I have news for him. He ain't seen nothing yet. Prolife supporters will fight tooth and nail to scuttle this proposal. Kenny is where he is as leader thanks to the liberal clique of Fitzgerald, Shatter and Reilly who supported him in the leadership campaign. He lacks the guts to face them down. I have lost all respect for him. Shame on you Mr Kenny. Mr Kenny your word counts for nothing any more.

2011 General Election Letter from Phil Hogan:“Fine Gael is opposed to the legislation of Abortion”


rainywalker said...

When you used to put your name on something it was supposed to mean your word or bond.

John Barry said...

I agree. Unfortunately when politicians take power they often bin promises given during an election campaign. It is not acceptable.

Donum Vitae said...

Great post. It is essential that all pro-life people unite and take a stand and resist these double speak politicians. Do not rest until it is defeated. Do everything you can. But do it peacefully.