Monday, July 2, 2012

Susan B. Anthony List: Pro-Lifers Must Unite behind Romney

Not since Ronald Reagan has a presidential nominee made so firm a promise to get taxpayers out of the abortion business. Recognizing that Planned Parenthood is America’s No. 1 abortion provider, Romney has pledged to support efforts to end federal funding for it and other abortion-centered, profit-driven businesses. Voters should take Governor Romney at his word—as Planned Parenthood has done: The leader of Big Abortion — most recently exposed as a willing ally of alleged human traffickers and the facilitator of sex-selective abortions — has already launched a wave of attack ads hitting Romney for vowing to stop the flow of taxpayer dollars to their overflowing coffers.
Read the full article by Marjorie Dannenfelser president of the Susan B. Anthony List at National Review Online

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