Friday, August 31, 2007

US-Fred Thompson to join Presidential Race next Thursday

Former Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee will officially enter the race for the Republican Party's presidential nomination next Thursday. He is a consistent conservative and comes from a southern state.

As an actor, Thompson has performed in film and on television. He supports free trade and low taxes. He is generally regarded as pro life. He is also a lawyer. He has the potential to unify the overwhelming majority of conservatives unlike Mitt Romney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He is likely to appeal to Independents and right wing Democrats also.

This is his message which is very much a rallying call to conservatives:

"We are the most prosperous nation in the world, the most powerful and we have brought more freedom to more people in the history of the world and been a beacon to all freedom seeking people around the world for a couple hundred years now, and we are going to stay that way. We are going to stay strong as a nation and strong as a party."

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Anonymous said...

Of the Republicans, I had believed since early in George W's second term that only McCain could possibly hold the party together when the political pendulum of public sentiment swung back the other direction in response to the Neo-Cons.

I hadn't counted on his age and cognitive dissonance threatening to rival that of Ronald Reagan's last years. The party's choice of Sarah Palin as the random, white, conservative female quickly clarified my mistake.

Ah well. So many myths, so many tomorrows!