Sunday, August 19, 2007

FF rebellion splits cabinet?

According to the Sunday Independent Eamonn O Cuiv Willie O'Dea and John Gormley are opposed to the axing of the Shannon to Heathrow route. W O'Dea and E O'Cuiv (left) voted for privatisation. They now wish to have their cake and eat it.

Neither is prepared to resign from Government. Yet each seeks to distance himself from its decisions whilst enjoying the perks of office. Voters in the West and Mid West will not be fooled.

Acting simultaneously as Government and opposition has worked in the past. However now that peoples jobs are on the line political gymnastics will not suffice to mollify them.

If the Government fails to facilitate the overturn of this disastrous decision at the egm Willie O'Dea and Eamonn O'Cuiv will lose all credibility if they fail to resign.

A threat by FF TDs in the Mid West to vote in block against the Government-in a vote of no confidence -would quickly concentrate minds. Of course it would have to be for real. It will never happen. Therein lies the weakness of the threats and criticism from West and Mid West Fianna Failers. Willie O'Dea and Eamonn O'Cuiv would never dare to establish an Independent FF. Their actions will never become a de facto revolt. They are loyal party men.

Jackie Healy Rae is strangely quiet. Will he continue to support the Government in the event of a failure to overturn the decision? Of course he will.

Can people power force a government u-turn? The Government just might take fright and change its stance if the campaign of resistance continues to intensify.

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