Monday, August 13, 2007

Shannon Airport-can people power succeed

Since the announcement by Aer Lingus that it intended to axe the Shannon to Heathrow route there has been a huge groundswell of opposition to the decision. This opposition extends from Mayo to Kerry. A survey conducted by IBEC is expected to say that thousands of jobs are now at risk in the region as a result of the decision.
Catholic and Church of Ireland bishops in the mid-west joined in the condemnation of the Aer Lingus decision yesterday.
In a statement delivered at services and Masses, the clergy described the plan as a serious blow to tourist and business enterprises in the region.
Willie O'Dea is quoted as saying that the Aer Lingus decision "should be reversed as the economy as a whole will suffer". I think that this is a coded statement which means that Aer Lingus will not change its decision. It is a rather weak statement. Looks like Willie will have difficulty extricating himself from this imbroglio. Will Willie resign on the issue?
Jackie Healy Rae wants the decision reversed and the Dail recalled. What hypocrisy. Is Jackie about to withdraw support from the Government. Will he vote against the Government? Of course not. This is a formula of words to cover his tracks. All blarney bluff and bluster but no action.
This issue will not be diffused by spin. The people of the Mid West and West are wide awake.
Government politicians are running scared of people power. Luckily for them the next General Election is due in 2012.

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