Monday, August 6, 2007

Speaking up for Korean hostages held in Afghanistan

There has been little reaction throughout the world to this hostage crisis. It has scarcely merited a mention on RTE radio or tv. Ireland appears not to care. How sad. It has got some mention on Fox News and the BBC. Michelle Malkin both on her blog and on Fox News has taken a great interest in their plight. Amnesty International on 2nd August issued a statement demanding their immediate release.

US President George W Bush and Afghan leader Hamid Karzai have agreed not to bargain with the Taleban over South Korean hostages, the White House said.
In Canada Edmonton lawyer Elvis Iginla is asking the public to pray for Korean hostages being held in Afghanistan.
In a multi-lined ad placed in yesterday's Edmonton Sun on behalf of himself and his wife Twlya, Iginla wrote: "Please pray for these people and for their families ... Pray that God will intervene and spare their lives......."
Edmonton Sun

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