Monday, August 27, 2007

Bush administration crumbling???

It all started with Donald Rumsfeld's resignation on 8 November 2006. Since then it has been downhill all the way for the Bush administration.
The following month John Bolton, Bush’s ambassador to the UN, exited. He realised that his appointment would not be ratified by a Democratic Senate.
Tony Snow Bush's chief spokesman will go on September 3.

On August 13 Karl Rove, 56, announced he will be leaving the administration on 31 August.

Today Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced his resignation. At least 9 more front line people have departed since the 2006 mid term elections. The inner circle is wracked by feuding and infighting.

Bush must focus on a small number of key goals and seek to bring them to fruition. He has 17 months to wrack up achievements that will assure him of his place in history. The portents are not good.

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