Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurling-Babs Keating and Tony Considine lash critics

There were interesting comments from ex hurling managers Tony Considine and Babs Keating on RTE radio this morning. In a riveting interview with Rachael English both were quite trenchant in their comments.

Tony Considine said “I had not just to be careful of the opposition…..I had to watch my back.” Considine was deposed as manager of Clare at a County Board meeting this week on a vote of 45 to 6. He stated that delegates were instructed on how to vote. There were major differences between Tony Considine and a senior official on the Clare Co. Board. He has not been informed officially of his removal. The news was broken to him by a journalist.
Babs Keating outlined the long hours involved. He regularly left Dublin at 3/4 o’clock and arrived home after training at 11.30/12.30. He attended club matches and U-21 games also in Tipperary. He said “I have never been as low as I have been in the last 3/4 weeks.” Apparently there has been strong criticism of Babs and his fellow selectors. He said that they were criticised by 4/5 journalists who would not know one end of a hurley from the other. He did not blame all journalists . He praised Vincent Hogan.
Both managers stated categorically that they received expenses only. Tony Considine argued for professionalism.
John Maughan and Tommy Lyons later joined the debate.

Babs Keating once stated that a kick in the backside is not far from a pat in the back. How true.

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