Wednesday, August 22, 2007

US-Romney targets illegal immigrants

It is estimated that there are 12 million illegal immigrants in the US. Concern has been growing amongst Middle America at the scale of the problem. This element of the electorate is likely to vote and is being targeted by the Republican Party.

There is fear that Al Qaeda can exploit weaknesses in border security along the Mexican and Canadian borders. Also some illegals have been convicted of very serious offences whilst others await trial. Conservatives such as Bill O 'Reilly and Michelle Malkin are to the fore in campaigns to end illegal immigration. This is developing into a major issue among Republican candidates such as Mitt Romney Rudy Giuliani and Mike Huckabee. Fred Thompson -who is expected to enter the Republican race in September- is also a hawk on illegal immigration.

According to the Boston Herald - Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney criticizes "sanctuary cities" for illegal immigrants- and by implication Republican rival Rudy Giuliani - in a new radio ad.
"Immigration laws don’t work if they’re ignored. That’s the problem with cities like Newark, San Francisco and New York City that adopt sanctuary policies," an announcer says in the ad, which runs in New Hampshire and Iowa. "Sanctuary cities become magnets that encourage illegal immigration and undermine secure borders."
Romney and Giuliani have jabbed over illegal immigration in recent weeks. The former Massachusetts governor says Giuliani promoted New York as a haven for illegal immigrants when he was mayor. Giuliani aggressively denies it, insisting he cracked down on lawlessness of every kind..........

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