Sunday, August 19, 2007

Amnesty International decides to support abortion and betray its ideals

International human rights organisation Amnesty International-at a meeting in Mexico- has confirmed its controversial decision to back abortion in some circumstances, replacing its previous policy of neutrality. It has been hijacked by the pro abortion lobby.

The Catholic Church has urged Catholic organisations worldwide to withdraw their support from Amnesty International.

It has shamefully betrayed the ideals of its founder Peter Benenson who was a Roman Catholic and strongly opposed to abortion. This decision is strongly opposed by many Protestants also- especially in the US.

This warped decision deprives the unborn child of its human right to live. A major split in the organisation is inevitable. In Australia large numbers of Catholics are lining up to resign. Its membership will be decimated in Ireland. It is time for a new human rights organisation similar to Amnesty International but opposed to abortion. It should be called New Amnesty International.

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