Friday, August 10, 2007

Ireland-Closing the barn door when the horse has bolted

Today there is an outcry amongst FF backbenchers in the Mid West over the Aer Lingus decision to axe the Shannon to Heathrow route. Their reaction is disingenuous. The decision of the last FF/PD Government to privatise Aer Lingus is the root cause of the present problem. Aer Lingus as a private company is now concerned with the interests of its shareholders. It is not concerned with the West of Ireland.
It is glaringly obvious that a small number of essential state services should remain in state ownership. This particularly applies to energy and telecommunications in an island economy like Ireland.
Meanwhile the Government is determined to plough ahead and dismantle the ESB. Now is the time to shout stop. Will Noel Dempsey listen?
Of course the ESB must be run more efficiently but it has served Ireland well. Security of energy supplies is a sine qua non.
Irelands market economy deserves nothing less.


Bock the Robber said...

These crooks will sell anything off for a quick buck. If we in the Mid-West re-elect a single FF candidate at the next election, we deserve all they do to us from now on.

All government TDs in this region must be made to feel real pain in the coming months, and finger-pointing, and ridicule and, most important of all, we must keep asking them very hard questions.

Such as: what kind of gobshite are you?

John Barry said...

It looks like the government may have committed political suicide in the West and Mid West.