Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Afghan Taliban Releases 12 South Korean Hostages

Chosun Ilbo- The Taliban has begun releasing 19 South Korean Christian volunteers, after holding them in Afghanistan for nearly six weeks. The militants have freed 12 hostages so far a day after South Korea made a series of concessions to end the hostage crisis...
Thankfully this crisis appears to be resolved. Unfortunately 2 hostages were murdered. However the Taliban failed to secure the release of insurgent prisoners held in Afghan jails.
Nevertheless some questions arise.
  • Did South Korea pay a ransom?
  • Why was the crisis ignored by much of the media?
  • Arab countries failed to intervene. Why?
  • When will Arab Governments ensure freedom of religion for Christians within their boundaries?
  • When will Western politicians exert pressure on Arab countries to ensure freedom of religion for Christian minorities.

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