Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Darfur-O'Shea argues for Olympics Boycott

John O'Shea CEO of GOAL the Third World Relief Agency has argued strongly for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. He appeared twice on RTE radio and blasted UN proposals to tackle genocide in Darfur.
He argued strongly that :
  • China wished to ethnically cleanse Darfur to get at the oil deposits.
  • The Peace keeping force would be ineffective because it would consist mainly of African soldiers who did not wish to be in Darfur.
  • China could force the Sudanese Government to stop its genocidal war.
  • Goal is looking after 200,000 people. However Goal and other Relief Agencies cannot help the majority of the people because of lack of protection.
  • The peace force cannot fire back.
  • There is no control of the Sudanese air force or the Janjiweed militia. TheJanjiweed militia is free to continue ethnic cleansing of the people of Darfur.
  • China has successfully watered down UN proposals.

John O'Shea argues that China must be brought to heel by a boycott of the Beijing Olympics if necessary. He maintains that the embarrassment caused would force an immmediate change in Chinese policy in Sudan.

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