Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Taliban to release 19 Korean hostages??

According to Reuters-Taliban insurgents said on Tuesday they would release 19 South Korean Christian volunteers they have held for nearly six weeks provided Seoul pulls out its troops and stops Korean missionary work in Afghanistan by year-end.
South Korea's presidential office issued a statement setting out the terms of the agreement, and Taliban representative Qari Mohammad Bashir confirmed a deal had been struck........... ....

There is no mention of the release of Taliban prisoners by the Afghan Government. Two Christian hostages have been murdered by the terrorists. And all for what? I will believe this statement when those hostages are back safely in South Korea. The Taliban have broken their promises on several occasions already.

There is a high level of intolerance and hatred towards Christianity in Moslem countries such as Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia Iran and now increasingly so in Iraq. Yet Moslems resident in the US and Western Europe have freedom to practise their religion and are quite vocal in their demands. Some even speak in terms of winning back Spain for Islam.

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