Saturday, August 18, 2007

Persecution of North Korean Christians-US must act

North Korea may be cooperating with U.N. experts supervising the shutdown of its plutonium-producing reactor however it is mercilessly persecuting Christians. Kim Jong Il is determined to exterminate Christianity. The world stands idly by.

Close to 100,000 Christians are incarcerated in prison camps, enduring regular torture. Executions of Christians are common place.

Christian prisoners are tortured with electrical shocks. This often results in death. Others are sent into solitary confinement in small containers. These containers are so cramped that permanent paralysis of the legs is the inevitable result . Eight Christians working in a prison smelting factory were murdered when molten iron was poured onto them, one by one, for refusing to deny their faith.
In one prison, a warden hung a Christian man upside down and ordered him to deny his beliefs. He refused so the warden stabbed him and pushed him to the ground. 6,000 prisoners were ordered to trample him to death. Prison cells are rat infested. Christian prisoners are regularly left naked and so starved that they are reduced to eating rats raw in their prison cells .

In some cases Christians are crushed with steamrollers and used as human fertilizer while newborn babies are murdered because their parents are Christians.

Women prisoners are regularly raped and beaten and Christian children are drowned.

The US and other Western powers must now exert the maximum level of pressure on the barbaric and satanic North Korean regime to end persecutions of Christians. The US has the capacity to cripple this rogue regime if it persists in torture of Christians. It is now time for George W Bush to take the initiative on this issue.

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