Saturday, August 11, 2007

Taliban negotiators optimistic on Korean hostages

This hostage crisis appears to be coming to a conclusion. Unfortunately it only got limited publicity on the world stage. Michelle Malkin in her blog and on Fox News highlighted the issue as did the BBC and Amnesty International. Sadly it got little publicity in Ireland. Two of the Korean Christian hostages were murdered. Did the lack of publicity stem from the fact that these were Christian hostages?
According to
GHAZNI, Afghanistan- Talks between Afghanistan's Taliban and South Korean diplomats over 21 Korean hostages were going well on Saturday and the rebels expect to free their captives. Taliban negotiators said,"We assure you (the media) and the whole world that all of the Koreans will be released and will go to their homes," said Mawlavi Nasrullah, one of the two Taliban negotiators.
"And our prisoners will come to their homes," he told reporters in Ghazni town where the Taliban and Korean diplomats have been holding face-to-face talks since late Friday....."

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