Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ireland-FF difficulties on Shannon issue

More than one hundred FF politicians including Minister for Defence Willie O’Dea attended a meeting at Shannon last night to protest at the Aer Lingus decision to axe the Shannon to Heathrow route.
Interesting questions arise (1) Where were all these politicians when the FF/PD Government privatised Aer Lingus? Not one FF TD voted against privatisation.

(2) How many FF TDs will resign from the party and actually vote to bring down the Government on this issue? Answer none.
This decision of Aer Lingus is the inevitable consequence of privatisation. Willie O’Dea is hoist by his own petard. Communities in the Mid West can see through the empty posturing. Willie amongst others voted for privatisation. Now that the fat is in the fire he is opposed to the inevitable consequences of his vote. No better man than Willie to face east and west simultaneously.

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