Monday, October 27, 2008

Video:WFTV's Barbara West belittled By Brash Biden

In this interview Joe Biden comes across as condescending and bad mannered. The interviewer Barbara West asked topical questions aimed at eliciting information. She questioned Joe Biden about Acorn attempts to register phoney voters. She also referred to Obama's links to Acorn.

The next question concerned redistribution of wealth. After all Obama declared to Joe the Plumber that this was part of his political philosophy and policy platform. Biden did not like the interviewers reference to Marxism: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need (or needs)” Now Joe Biden cant have it both ways . In his acceptance speech he played the class warfare card. Obama's redistribution of wealth policy is grounded in Socialism/Marxism. Why not call it what it really is? Obama plans an explosion in expenditure devoted to Welfare. This is redistribution of wealth. Much of this money will come from higher taxes on the middle class and on businesses.

How is Obama going to finance tax cuts? His promises amount to 1,000 billion dollars. The bailout costs another 700 billion dollars. He is opposed to a public expenditure freeze. Obama and Biden must come clean on funding for tax cuts?

When asked about foreign policy he used the snide put down “I don’t know who is writing your questions for you.”
In the course of this campaign Obama and Biden have received very favourable treatment from most media organs. Now the Obama campaign is denying this station interviews because Joe Biden was asked substantive questions. This says it all.
Just imagine if Sarah Palin had addressed the interviewer in a similar manner to Joe Biden. There would be an outcry in the liberal media.

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