Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Castro’s support for Obama no surprise-both are ideological blood brothers (Cuban exiles unimpressed)

It is hardly surprising that Fidel Castro has thrown his weight behind Barack Obama.
Is not Castro a relict of the Communist era? – A Socialist dinosaur who has led Cuba to economic destruction.

A man who has turned the country into a police state all in the name of a sham egalitarianism. Cuba is an economic basket case.
Naturally Castro recognises a true left wing politician when he sees one. Obama is on the left wing of the Democratic Party and is the darling of most leftists. He is a true Socialist. The US Communist Party and the Trotskyite Democratic Socialists of America have thrown their weight behind Obama.

There is a message here for voters. Obama’s economic policy has similarities with that of the Cuban Communist Party. Obama believes that if there is a large redistribution of wealth a better society will evolve. This egalitarian approach is the road to ruin. It has been tried in Cuba and Eastern Europe by Communist regimes. It has been an unmitigated failure. Greater state involvement results in a bloated bureaucracy at greater cost to the taxpayers. It generates inefficiency and inertia. Obama just does not understand business and wealth creation. Any politician worthy of the name would not propose a doubling of the capital gains tax.

"He would double the capital gains tax to 28%. The net affect of this is that you will get far less when you sell your home or your 401K or your stock plan. He would double the dividends tax. That means that those who clip coupons from corporate stocks get less money.

He intends to increase the limit on Social Security taxes, which means that instead of paying 12 1/2 percent of the first $100,000, you pay it on everything that you're making.The real tax rate is then 60 percent." See Dick Morris

Obama’s social engineering will create a society where incentives to work are damaged and excessive redistribution saps initiative.
Obama is an ideological blood brother of Castro. No wonder Castro promotes his cause. Remember the Socialist approach is equality in poverty.
No doubt Cuban exiles in Florida will not be too impressed.

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