Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama supporters Protest C*nt Sarah Palin in Philadelphia (Time for Obama to apologise)

It is time for Barack Obama to apologise for the outrageous behaviour of his supporters in Philadelphia. The Gateway Pundit carries excellent pictures portraying the hatred of Obamas Lefties for Palin. Of course this is a story which will not see the light of day in the liberal media.

In Tuesday nights presidential debate from New York, Barack Obama smeared Sarah Palin. He said when addressing John McCain : “at some of the rallies that your running mate was holding there were shouts of …. "kill him. He also said "your running mate didn't mention, didn't stop, didn't say 'hold on a second, that's kind of out of line' ". Obama LIED. These allegations were investigated by the Secret Service PRIOR to the debate and found to be false. So after all Obama is not the Messiah.
Meanwhile the HATE CAMPAIGN by Obama supporters trundles on.

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John McCain is labelled McHitler

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rainywalker said...

I do not support personal attacts on any candidate sice they could get out of hand. I can say that showing up in Philadelphia could get anyone in trouble. They once booed a bunch of children at an Easter egg hunt who couldn't find any eggs. But any name calling should be off limits.