Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama guarantees Driver's Licenses to all Illegals who apply for them


rainywalker said...

I'm going to check this out and see what the context is and why he said it. To get a license in all 50 states now you need a birth certificate and social security card. Once the DMV plugs in the SS number the computer indicates who it belongs to, etc. Plus many states are making raids on businesses now and taking away 100 of illegals. I really can't see how he can guarantee this?

rainywalker said...

Giving licenses to illegals was going out on a limb by Obama, but the issue came down to safety on the highway. The state of New York tried it, if you had a verifiable passport and it did not work. The American people are opposed to this issue because they are required to have a social security number to get a licenses. They are saying an illegal is not going to require one.