Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sarah Palin as VP will champion special financial plan for Special Needs Children

Today in Pittsburgh Sarah Palin called for parents of special needs children to use federal funding to pick the school of their choice. She stated that Obama would raise taxes on federal trusts designed to pay for medical and education costs for disabled children.

“In a McCain/Palin administration, we’re gonna put the educational choices for special needs children in the right hands, in the hands of the parents and the good responsible caretakers,” she said. “Under reforms that I will lead as vice president, the parents and caretakers of children with physical or mental disabilities will be able to send that boy or girl to the school of their choice, public or private.”

And, she added, those families are concerned about the tax policies of her opponent.
“They fear that Sen. Obama’s tax increase will have serious and harmful consequences,” she said. “And they’re right because the burden that his plan would pose upon these families is just one more example of how many plans can be disrupted and how many futures can be placed at risk and how many people can suffer when the power to tax is misused.”
Palin said Obama would raise taxes on federal trusts that families establish to pay for medical and educational costs for children with physical or mental disabilities.
“We’ll protect the savings and the earnings of American families and we’ll allow more of that investment and the prioritisation via our own families to make the difference here,” Palin said

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rainywalker said...

She may want to have the new president run this idea by the Congress and Senate before she starts sending people out to public, private or chartered schools with an idea that is not current US Public law.