Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama Smears Against Palin a tissue of lies-The Words Kill Him NOT uttered at Palin rallies

In Tuesday nights presidential debate from New York, Barack Obama smeared Sarah Palin. He said when addressing John McCain : “at some of the rallies that your running mate was holding there were shouts of …. "kill him. He also said "your running mate didn't mention, didn't stop, didn't say 'hold on a second, that's kind of out of line' ".

There has been a Secret Service investigation into these allegations. Not a scintilla of evidence has been uncovered to support them. The Secret Service has found that no video or audio evidence exists to support Obama’s allegations. Furthermore no witnesses exist to corroborate the "kill him" allegations made by two liberal journalists. Obama was appraised of this PRIOR to taking part in the debate.

Kill Him Number One - Clearwater, Florida. The Clearwater "kill him" allegation was made by Dana Milbank.The Secret Service listened to tapes of this event and found that someone shouted "Tell Him" after Palin mentioned Bill Ayers. Kill Him Number Two - Scranton, PA. The Scranton "kill him" allegation was made by a reporter from the Scranton Times-Tribune.The Secret Service investigated the allegations and found that there was no video or audio evidence to support the journalist’s claims. No witnesses corroborated the allegations. The Secret Service declared the charge 'unfounded'.

Obama LIED in the debate. Is he man enough to apologise for this outrageous smear? Don’t hold your breath.

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