Thursday, October 16, 2008

NY - Third Presidential Debate-McCain goes on the attack (Obama Company Taxation plans will send millions of jobs to Europe and Asia)

This debate featured sharper exchanges than the previous two. McCain was the more forceful of the two candidates and delved forensically into policy matters. Obama attempted to parry McCain attacks. This is a calculated strategy to avoid a detailed analysis of Obama policies many of which do not stand up to scrutiny especially in the current financial crisis. His promises of a middle class tax cut are hot air-incapable of being implemented in the current financial circumstances, without a spending freeze-which Obama opposes.

The debate opened with a discussion on taxation. John McCain stressed the need to reduce taxes and the necessity not to increase taxes on the likes of Joe Plumber. McCain opposed Obamas plans to increase company taxation on the basis of a jobs outflow to lower taxation destinations in Europe and Asia. Obama spoke about middle class tax cuts. McCain emphasized the necessity to reduce taxes on business to increase employment opportunities.

The next topic was the deficit. Both candidates spoke about the necessity of reducing the deficit. McCain was far more specific. He emphasized a spending freeze and detailed methods for balancing the budget. Obama was particularly weak on this topic. Obama opposed a spending freeze. Hence his proposals for a middle income tax cut go up in smoke. McCain emphasized that Obama has proposals for 860 billion dollars in extra spending.

Obama attempted to tie McCain to President Bush. John McCain said:”I am not President Bush.” John McCain said that Barack Obama had voted for two budgets, which increased taxes on those earning over 42,000 dollars. Obama denied this –not too convincingly.

The third segment featured negative campaigning. Both candidates criticized each others campaign strategies. Obama criticized comments at Sarah Palins rallies. McCain strongly defended her. He outlined how he had condemned any unfair comments in contrast to Obama who had singularly failed to do so. McCain referred to disgraceful happenings at Democratic rallies, which had largely gone unreported. He referred to outrageous comments by Democrat Congressman John Lewis who attempted to tie him to George Wallace. William Ayres and Acorn figured strongly. This may have damaged Obama. Obama failed to convince here.

The next topic was advisors and running mates.McCain listed Palin’s achievements in Alaska on energy, rooting out of corruption and balancing the budget. Obama defended Joe Biden. John McCain referred to Biden’s vote against the First Gulf War and a proposal to divide Iraq in three segments-both serious blunders.

Energy was the next topic featured. McCain was stronger on energy hammering Obama on nuclear and off shore drilling. Obama is opposed to more nuclear and off shore drilling.

Trade featured next with sharp exchanges on free trade. McCain caught Obama on trade with Colombia. McCain warned that to restrict free trade and to raise taxes is to trigger a depression. He is correct. NAFTA also figured here.

Health Plans figured next. Both candidates rehearsed the same arguments as in the previous two debates. On this occasion McCain explained clearly that 95% of Americans would be better off under his plan. He had failed to explain this fully previously.

Roe V Wade came up for discussion. McCain damaged Obama on the issue of partial birth abortion. Obama waffled on this issue. Obama supports tax payer funded abortions.

Education featured sharp exchanges. Obama appears content to throw money at the problem. McCain was stronger on reform of the system.

Obama's approach is governed by a desire to Spend, Spend, Spend. Greater state involvement, greater state involvement. The corollary of this is higher taxation and stagnation. Obama's coolness and smooth talking is no substitute for substance. Obama's policy of higher taxation on businesses is a godsend to workers in Europe and Asia. More American plants will move to these destinations to avoid higher taxation. His company taxation policy is economic lunacy. American workers vote for Obama if you wish to send your jobs to Europe and Asia. No wonder most Europeans are rooting for Obama.


rainywalker said...

Joe the plumber is a fake, a plant by the Republicans. If the car companies convert to natural gas we have enough to run our cars for 120 years. If I convert my own it will cost around $600 dollars. Anyway that will put more people to work, cut pollution and keep some of those jobs in America.

John Barry said...

If Obama increases tax on businesses he will kill jobs. That policy has been a failure in countries such as Germany. Even the Germans are now moving towards lower business taxes.

Patrick Roberts said...

the fact that anyone is praising McCain for his performance in the third debate proves that he and Palin have lowered people's expectations down to nothing (don't forget, the VP debates were a tie!)