Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell endorsement of Obama no surprise-(A Cynical Decision based on Race??)

So Colin Powell has finally endorsed Barack Obama. Surprise Surprise. In September Colin Powell stated that the election of an African-American US president would be “electrifying” for the world. So he emphasized the African American aspect. Race is obviously an important issue for him even though he will deny it. He wishes to be part of history-as he sees it. Many white voters will see this as a further example of African -Americans closing ranks behind their man. Of course to suggest that race is a major consideration for Powell is to run the risk of being labelled racist. The unvarnished truth is that race was the major consideration. This could backfire badly on Obama. Many whites may decide in the privacy of the ballot box not to vote for an African- American president on the basis of closing ranks around their man.

It is safe to assume that a high proportion of the 98% of African Americans -who support Obama -will vote on the basis of the colour of his skin. Colin Powell can make all the lofty claims he likes about Obama but the reality is that he left the cat out of the bag in September.
In addition his endorsement has come late in the campaign. Looks like a cynical effort to secure a position in a putative Obama administration. Of course he agrees with Obama on issues such as abortion.

Powell criticized the tone of the McCain/Palin campaign and criticized Sarah Palin's readiness for office. This is risible. It is the ultimate in hypocrisy. Barack Obama has NO executive experience whilst Palin has executive experience as Governor of Alaska.
Apparently Powell is not at all concerned at the savage attacks on Sarah Palin.

Carpetbaggers have a chequered history in politics.


rainywalker said...

Sounds like something close to racism to me. Colin Powell had been advisor to both Republican and Democratic presidents in the White House. Is a real war hero who does not brag about his service. At the beginning of this campaign he gave $2300 dollars [the max he could give] to John McCain. He has changed his vote not because he is black, but because you can stand only so much dirty politics before getting involved. You would be hard pressed to find one person in the military that does not like him, Republican or Democrat. Under your theory all the newspapers that have never voted Democrat in over 100 years and are voting for Obama are racists?? So where does that leave all the conservatives and rednecks around the country who are slowly turning to Obama? If I were to vote for John McCain because he is white like many are going to do, wouldn't that make me a racist? I'm not the one running around the country talking about a washed up terrorist who did something 40 years ago, paid his dues and made up for his beliefs. He is a college professor working with the poor. I ask for no repentance from him about the Vietnam War, it was a bad time for all of us. I owe nobody any repentance for what I did in Vietnam, however I do not hate the Vietnamese, that was a long time ago with no good or bad, only friends and enemies.

John Barry said...

I am no racist. There is a political correctness in western society that tries to channel discussion in relation to Obama. Any criticism and you are immediately dubbed a racist.It was Colin Powell who mentioned African American in September.Colin Powell stated that the election of an African-American US president would be “electrifying” for the world. So he was emphasizing race here. I have never heard John McCain attack Obama on the basis of race. I have no doubt that Powell opted for Obama because he wants to see an African -American president.
Colin Powell strongly criticized Sarah Palin.
Is it not amazing that he had nothing to say about the savaging of Sarah Palin from day one? That is the real dirty politics. Sarah Palin took it on the chin for 6 weeks before she began to fight back against disgraceful attacks from Obama supporters. The New York Times started the dirty politics when it smeared John McCain. Obama has no executive experience. Yet Powell has no problem with this. Palin has acted as governor. Of course Powell is solidly pro abortion. So he detests Palin for that reason also. His reasons in my view were spurious to say the least.

Is it not amazing that 98% of African Americans are voting for Obama.They even turned out in force against Hillary Clinton. Remember they accused Bill Clinton of racism also. There were no shouts of kill him at Palin rallies.The Secret Service confirmed this. Obama knew the truth prior to the debate. Obama lied in the debate. That is dirty politics. Obama insulates himself from criticism by claiming that he is being attacked on the basis of race.
Ayers has not apologised for his activities. Obama is no political saint as this article points out
at Sunday Independent This is a tiny excerpt:
"Of course you have to be ruthless to get to the top of politics. But there's something unnerving about Obama's combination of hope-and-change language and merciless destruction of political opponents: he had every other Democratic candidate in his first senatorial election disqualified by having aides find minute, technical flaws in their nomination papers."

WEF said...

This endorsement speaks volumes and I believe it will be a needle mover for two relevant voter segments this election: (1) moderate Republicans who are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the extreme rightward direction of the McCain-Palin campaign and (2) people who are holding back on Obama-Biden primarily because of foreign policy and national security concerns.

Aside from the blemish on his record in relation to the Iraq war, General Powell still garners tremendous respect from the vast majority of Republicans, and every Republican President in the last three decades has sought his advice on National Security and Foreign Policy issues. I hope that General Powell's endorsement will sway the votes of some members of the two above-mentioned segments away from John McCain and Sarah Palin and towards Senators Obama and Biden.

This election is still too close for my comfort, and the excellent news about General Powell aside, it will be important for those of who support Senator Obama to get to the polls on election day (or sooner if you can!) and vote not only to ensure his victory, but also to demonstrate the greater sense of unity and solidarity our country desperately needs right now.

Comments welcome:

rainywalker said...

I respect you views, but stick to my original comments.