Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Biden’s stance on abortion enrages Catholics – Major issue in states such as Ohio and Pennsylvania

Joe Biden-who is a Catholic- has consistently supported Roe V Wade in direct contravention of Catholic teaching on abortion. His support for abortion is rather strange since he believes that life begins at conception. In August 2007 in the US Senate Joe Biden cast a very important Anti-Life vote. He voted against the “Unborn Child Amendment”. The Amendment if passed would have made unborn babies eligible for federal aid by deeming them as separate beneficiaries from their mothers. It was defeated by just one vote-49 to 50.

This year both Biden and Obama voted in the US Senate against making permanent a Bush administration rule that extends a federal health care programme’s coverage to unborn babies and their mothers.
Obama’s selection of a pro-abortion Catholic as his running mate is a slap in the face for Catholics. Obama’s support for partial birth abortion shocks Catholics. Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver has stated that Biden should not receive Holy Communion.

In September Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. and Auxiliary Bishop James D. Conley released a new letter to the Catholics of northern Colorado, titled “Public Servants and Moral Reasoning.”

The letter concludes:
“In his Meet the Press interview, Sen. Biden used a morally exhausted argument that American Catholics have been hearing for 40 years: i.e., that Catholics can't "impose" their religiously based views on the rest of the country. But resistance to abortion is a matter of human rights, not religious opinion. And the senator knows very well as a lawmaker that all law involves the imposition of some people's convictions on everyone else. That is the nature of the law. American Catholics have allowed themselves to be bullied into accepting the destruction of more than a million developing unborn children a year. Other people have imposed their "pro-choice" beliefs on American society without any remorse for decades.

If we claim to be Catholic, then American Catholics, including public officials who describe themselves as Catholic, need to act accordingly. We need to put an end to Roe and the industry of permissive abortion it enables. Otherwise all of us - from senators and members of Congress, to Catholic laypeople in the pews - fail not only as believers and disciples, but also as citizens.”

Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton Pennsylvania-Biden is a native of the city- stated “No Catholic politician who supports the culture of death should approach Holy Communion. I will be truly vigilant on this point”.
Biden’s current bishop, Bishop Saltarelli of Wilmington Delaware has stated that politicians “may not personally oppose abortion, but refuse to pass laws protecting the unborn”. Referring to pro abortion Catholics he said that, “ it would be more spiritually beneficial for such a person to refrain from receiving the Body and Blood of Christ.”
Archbishop Raymond Burke has attacked the Democrats on the issue of abortion.

The Democratic Parties support for abortion is diametrically opposed to the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Law of God.
No Catholic can in good conscience support the Obama /Biden ticket .

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