Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Iran:Taraneh M 28 year old trainee beautician missing and feared dead after arrest

Here is an excerpt of an article from Iranian Leftists concerning Taraneh M a 28 year old trainee beautician who was arrested more than two weeks ago by security forces on the fringe of the rally on 7th tir (28th june). It is a shocker and points to the barbarism of the Ahmadinejad regime.

Reports indicate that her family were told that she was in danger due to damage to her anus and womb.

According to reports, this young woman was arrested by plain clothes security forces at 6 pm after participating in the 7th tir ceremony at Ghoba mosque. While after interrogation all other detainees were brought to Nobonyad police station by basij and intelligence agents, the plain clothes agents kept Taraneh in a building near Hosseinie Ershad.

According to witnesses, while most of the participants in the ceremony were dressed in normal clothes and trainers, Taraneh was wearing chic clothes and high-heeled shoes, and caught the interrogators’ attention because of her hairstyle, make-up and beauty....Still, one of Taraneh’s close friends told us that, considering the information in hand, she was very worried that Taraneh was dead. She said between the time a girl answering Taraneh’s description had reportedly been in the hospital and her arrest several days had passed. Also the mention of a torn anus and womb by the unidentified caller indicates that Taraneh may have died being gang raped by the Basijis and security forces.

Read full article at Iranian Leftists

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