Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tehran Iran Video: 30 June 09 Riot police destroying cars and motor cycles

Why the Ahmadinejad Regime is doomed

These thugs -in this video- are so-called police engaging in wanton acts of vandalism. The Ahmadinejad regime is out of control and at war with its people. Peaceful protesters have been gunned down. Young women have been murdered. Universities have been ransacked and students arrested. Neighbourhoods have been targeted by the so -called forces of law and order on the basis that protesters may be in residence. Many journalists and bloggers are missing. The prisons are torture chambers. 100,000 men from the paramilitary Basij control Tehran and eight other major cities. Ahmadinejad is also reliant on Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. There is some evidence that not all members of the Basij and Islamic Revolutionary Guard are loyal to the regime.

60% of Iranians are under 35. The majority of this age group seeks democratic change and will eventually bring down the regime. Many in this age group are computer literate and well educated. Women who are second class citizens in Iran are no longer prepared to tolerate repression. In 2006 Iran's Supreme Leader declared that women are not allowed to watch men's soccer games in person. The Campaign for Equality, an Iranian women’s rights initiative was launched in 2006. Members have been harassed and in some cases imprisoned. Women have been empowered by education and have played a major role in the protests. They will not tolerate inequality. The power structure of the regime has begun to rot from within and without. It lacks democratic legitimacy having stolen the election. It is living on borrowed time.

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