Sunday, July 19, 2009

Iran:Consumers Boycott Nokia in protest at secret sale of wiretap technology-Report

Iranian Leftists Reports

On the 23 June,( 2nd of Tir), the news of Nokia’s secret sale of wiretap technology to Iran broke. Since then, many groups and associations who are active on the Internet have taken position against Nokia’s action.

Although no official group or organization inside Iran has taken position against Nokia, it seems that the consumers have spontaneously made their own decision. Bazaar insiders’ claims are a proof of this. The price of Nokia phones in the market has plunged, and there has been a wave of Nokia phones being returned after it was published that the company had sold wire-tapping technology. The widespread resale of Nokia phones and subsequent replacing with other brands is another sign of the Iranian consumers’ reaction to this matter. Bazaar sources say that, in recent years, Nokia has always been customers’ first choice, but these days it is no longer on top of the list. Although no official numbers are available, reports from the fields and retailers of mobile phones suggest a sharp drop in Tehran markets.

People who are angry that their phone conversations are being tapped, and those who worry that Nokia has sold wiretapping software, prefer to use other brands of mobile phones. To add to all of this, the Iranian Telecommunication Corporation deactivated the SMS system for 3 weeks one day prior to the election; something that caused huge dissatisfaction among its customers and shareholders. Because of this, people used other ways to send their father’s day and Imam Ali celebration messages. The Telecommunication Corporation has not yet released any numbers in that regard, but it is said that there has been a 90% drop in Father’s Day SMS messages. It is also said that Tehranis have caused Nokia market shares to drop dramatically....

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