Thursday, July 2, 2009

Iran: Election Invalid according to Senior Isfahan cleric Ayatollah Seyed Jalaleddin Taheri

Senior cleric Ayatollah Seyed Jalaleddin Taheri, one of Ayatollah Khomeini's close friends and former Friday prayer leader in Iran’s Isfahan province, declared the recent presidential election as invalid and described Ahmadinejad's reappointment to presidency for another four years as "illegitimate" and a "usurpation.................

In the conclusion to his statement, Taheri writes, "I thought that in light of the interests of the nation, revolution and country, perhaps the regime's officials would address irregularities that occurred prior to and during the election in a fair and just manner, but it is obvious that officials are not willing to address the fraud and rather intend to suppress the protesters using security and terror tactics. I, as a minor clergyman, in unison with the majority of people who lost their vote, consider this election to be manipulated and null, and consider the reappointment of the head of the government for a second term, to be illegitimate and a usurpation."

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