Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Torture of prisoners in Iran outlined

Here is an excerpt from Revolutionary Road

The kinds of tortures used on prisoners:

Ones who have been arrested by plain clothes and basij, were severely beaten, and were transferred to detention facilities and basij stations, and at the end before being taken to Evin prison, transferred to investigation department of Shapoor ( Vahdat Eslami). They were tortured severely in each and every one of these facilities, and have heard complains from the police force about them being limited on beating the prisoners, due to the severity of the prior tortures they had gone through, but still they were not hesitant about it.

The interesting point is they were actually enjoying putting people through this, and all of the beating was accompanied by their laughter and mockery
  • Word has it, they broke the left side of someones scull, and to make it even they broke the right side as well.
  • During a group beating of prisoners, they were told by someone, that captives should not be tortured, then he has pushed everyone aside, and started the beating himself, after he was tired, he has ordered them to resume their beatings.
  • One states after requesting for his hand cuffs to be loosened a little bit, they have actually made it tighter to the point that it had pinched the skin, and he was taken from one place to another by his cuffs.
  • Some prisoners state, they were forced to kneel in front of a wall for 4 days straight, and were only given two small portions to eat, and during the 4 days, they were beaten in the head if they had happened to fall sleep.
  • One states the first shock he had gotten from taser, has thrown him almost 2 meters away, but now after being tortured, he has no reaction to the taser gun.
  • The ones who were a little more buffed were more in target, with the excuse of demolishing public properties and hitting the security forces.
  • Group beating of prisoners, hitting with baton, cable, bats, taser as well as kicking the prisoners in the face even the injured, has been seen a lot.
  • A witness states, some injuries were due to hitting and kicking, and also hitting with bloody cables, chains and etc...
  • wrist fractures were seen in most cases.

This is an affront to human decency and must stop.

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