Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Video: Obama Care May Fund Abortions

White House Budget Director Peter Orszag in an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News has stated that Obama Care May Fund Abortions.
... the New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith said, Obama is offering a plan for health care reform that is a thinly veiled attempt to increase access to abortion on demand. The plan would increase funding for abortions and allow abortion services to be considered part of “basic health care” required by all insurance plans, including private plans.
Smith pointed to information from the Guttmacher Institute, which has stated that “when taxpayer funding is not available, between 20 and 35 percent of Medicaid abortions that would have been procured simply don't occur...” CNA

Obama is the most radical pro abortion president ever elected. He deliberately misled Pope Benedict XVI at their July 10 meeting when he said that he “wants to reduce abortion". He has no regard for the Law of God. Under this measure American taxpayers will pay for abortions. In short they will fund murder. Americans would do well to learn from the lessons of history. Infanticide was a major contributory factor to the decline of the Roman Empire. Congressmen who vote for this measure fly in the face of God and are on the side of Satan.
It is time to torpedo this Satanic measure. Are there any Democrat Congressmen with the required backbone who are prepared to put God before party?

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