Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Irish Political Party: Irish Peoples Party

The Irish Peoples Party is the country's newest political party. It is led by Richard Greene and Brian O'Connor. The party has its genesis in Coir, which was part of the No campaign in the First Lisbon Treaty referendum. It requires 300 members before it can be registered as a proper political party. Its theme song is Happy Days Are Here Again

The party is strongly opposed to the bank bailout and will campaign against the Lisbon Treaty in the second referendum. It is at one with UKIP on the EU. It is also strongly pro-life. It has already held a public meeting at the Longford Arms Hotel attended by 30 people.
The Irish People's Party will hold a second meeting in Longford in two weeks' time, and has plans to hold further meetings in Meath and Dublin. It intends to contest the next general election.

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