Thursday, July 9, 2009

Videos from Tehran showing Basiji and revolutionary guards using teargas and beating peaceful protesters-9/7/09

This video (bottom video) shows the time when protestors arrived at the intersection of Taleghani and Valiasr ave, heading toward Valiasr Square.

The duration of this rally was about 25 minutes and before arriving at Taleghani intersection, riot forces were not interfering but closed behind the crowd to block the accumulation of people. After arriving at the intersection of Taleghani and Valiasr ave, people continued toward Valiasr Square, as shown in this video. At this time, the anti riot forces shot teargas and followed people on motorcycles forcing the crowd to Taleghani ave.

I continued toward Chahar-rah Valiasr where people were blocked from going to Enghelab Square. The revolutionary guards on motorbikes hit pedestrians with batons. On my way to the subway station I saw a lot of military cars full of anti riot guard heading west, apparently to help their forces stationed at Enghelab square.


rainywalker said...

I viewed several of your recent blogs and video's with much sadness. Realizing just how well we have it here in the US and many parts of the world. Complacency has like the Romans became the norm. We are so busy with our own world we loose interest in the plight of others.

Anonymous said...

I agree with rainywalker said about complacency and was just stating such in the next post.

When we don't feel for the struggles and suffering of others, we surrender our own humanity.

It's not okay. Their lives matter as much as any of ours.